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klaus 26 Sep 2006 03:25

Hepco&Becker Junior side-cases for Honda TA
Just for anyone interested. I got my H&B panniers and rack shipped to Japan from Germany (less than 10 days!!), they look pretty good, but it took me quite some time to fix them on my bike (maybe because I am a technical amateure??). Anyway, the price was good (half of what I would have had to pay over here in Japan), and so far I am very pleased with the stuff. Pics (just 2 so far) on my homepage. Maybe this will help anyone!?!


Ok, I used them for almost 4 years now. Went touring to lots of places, snow, rain, heat - and they still go strong. Disadvantages: loading them, because they open to the side (not top-loaders). Sometimes space is limited because of the way they are built - but no major problem so far.

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