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Mr. Ron 8 Feb 2004 09:48

heated riding gear

Hello. Has anyone tried this brand of heated riding gear? Any review would be appriciated.

scubakid 8 Feb 2004 21:13

I have a set of the heated gloves and they are great. The company has agents in lots of countries, I bought mine in the USA but have had dealings with the UK agent and he was very helpful. They are great when the temp is very cold but can get a bit warm in towns when going slow and the temp is not very cold, but all you have to do is spread your hand/fingers over the break/clutch and they cool enough, you could also get their temp controler.


John Ferris 8 Feb 2004 21:22

Both my wife and I have the Gerbing extra thin jacket liners. also two portable temp-controllers. They work great. They have a good even heat which is adjustable with the controller. Prior to them we had BMW electric vests. Our arms were cold. I sewed sleeves on to them. That was better but they were hard to pack.
The jacket liners are much lighter and easer to pack.
At 77 watts each if you have a BMW R80,100 one person would work fine for two people or if you have other elect. items you should get the Omega 400 watt alternator.

lkyphl 9 Feb 2004 04:44

I have a Gerbing heated jacket liner with a "heat troller" and the only fault I can find is the length of the liner at the back - it's too short. Apart from that it's bliss. The heated sleeves and collar are a major improvement over heated vests and I would enthusiastically recommend 'em.


TerryMoto 9 Feb 2004 07:19

The Gerbing electric clothing is great.

I have the Gerbing electric jacket liner, pants liner, gloves, and the socks. Today I used all of them except for the socks. I'm just drove from NYC to North Carolina (I'm on my way to San Diego). Perfect for the cold weather. I also use the "heat troller".

The old versions of there "heat trollers" had problems, but them have since fixed them. Also noticed that recently they are using a new designed temperature controller.

They also switched to a newer plug design which is easier to connect and disconnect (I have the old SAE plug version).

Just watch out for overloading your electrical system and discharging your battery. I once ended up with an XR650L with a dead battery and the bike fallen over in a snow bank while in the Alps. I've since learned to be more careful. On my KLR650, I have a kill switch rigged to the headlight, so I can turn it off and use that juice for the electric clothing.

Overall, I highly recommend the Gerbing clothing.


Mr. Ron 14 Feb 2004 12:36

Thanx for all the responces to my question, but has anyone tried the jacket shells. Waterproof? Durability, comfort, warmth, practical waterproof pockets? I'm pretty much sold on the gerbings liner and gloves, but i'm still studying jackets and pants. For years i've used Goretex gear and swear by it, although i do consider it high maintinence (it only works properly when it's clean and treated). The Aerostitch Darien jacket and pants seem to be the product of choice, but are very expensive. Gerbings uses Cordura with a layer of Teflon for water- resistance (the main ingredient of Goretex) and are less expensive, although not by much. How about Belstaf? BMW gear$$$???

Mr. Ron 14 Feb 2004 13:09


Check out this site! This stuff loooks great and prices are comparable.

lkyphl 16 Feb 2004 06:28

Tiger Angel "Element" jackets and pants have a good reputation here in Oz. They use a laminated material with a Gore-Tex layer, and speaking from experience they'll keep you dry. Price is pretty reasonable, as well.


If you decide to give 'em a try I'd suggest ordering your jacket with a larger than normal velcro patch on the collar so's you'll still be able to fasten it with a Gerbing liner (with their high heated collar) underneath.

( I'm looking forward to trying this combo out when half a dozen of us ship our GS's to Vancouver in June '05 and ride up to the Arctic circle and back )


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