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jv3 29 Jun 2005 21:54

Hawker Battery Survey, are they that much better?
I'm just wondering what experiance people have had upgrading to a HAWKER BATTERY.
1. Do they last any longer?
2. More cranking power?
3. Less servicing?
4. Bottom line is it worth the money?


Frank Warner 1 Jul 2005 07:50

I've one some 5 years old. Showing signs of failing - must check for bike discharging the battery first to confirm.
If it is at the end of its life I'll buy another one.

No maintenence.

It has been discharged totally flat once some 2 years ago for about 2 weeks (broken leg and collar bone) ... battery recoverd. Discharged over night (ferry crossing) - recovered.

Higher cranking speed than standard battery.

Ride Far 12 Jul 2005 06:36

Absolutely worth the money. And not that expensive anyhow -- $79 from sunnbattery.com for a PC545 is about the lowest price I found.

They last a lot longer than a wet battery, and you don't have to deal with distilled water and maintenance etc. I had some carb/choke-type problems once and that battery cranked and cranked, no sweat. I was impressed.

Back home after an eight-month tour I put the Hawker PC545 on a BatteryTender and it was fully charged in just one hour. That's really good -- and I'd run GPS directly off it for eight months!

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