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loxsmith 8 Feb 2007 23:03

Givi E41 case design flaw
We have discovered on two separate occasions (and two separate bikes) that the combination lock code can be accidentally reset.
If the lock is not fully seated/closed before spinning the combination wheels, the combination will change to the new code you spin it to. This is regardless of where the lock change lever is positioned that is on the rear of the door.

Needless to say this creates major headaches on a long trip as you can then only use the larger clam shell door to gain access to the contents. It can take hours and lots of beer to rectify this problem as you have to try each possible combination 'til you jag the right one.

I always ensure now that the lock flap is fully seated/closed before spinning off the combination.

Anyone else had this problem?


tedder 9 Feb 2007 09:00

I've been using these for 2+ years and haven't had that problem. I did accidentally break one when I first got it, but no problems since.

mollydog 9 Feb 2007 22:13

I like mine a lot and they make a fair beer cooler

loxsmith 11 Feb 2007 21:48

Beer cooler
This only happens when the latch is not fully closed. This must in affect do the same as moving the combination change lever to the change position. These cases have done over 50000km through snow, hail, dust and rain, proving their worth. The original instructions are long gone.
I agree that the top box makes an excellent beer cooler. Just gets a little top heavy in corners with the weight of ice and beer.

loxsmith 4 Jun 2008 04:19

Victim number 3
Another friend has had the above mentioned problem. :thumbdown: Be very careful to close the lock catch fully before rolling off the combo

I now have the drill point if anyone needs it!

Barfly 23 Dec 2008 10:03

GiviE41 case flaw
I have had the same problem and thought it was somethig I did when setting the code on the first pannier.After checking the instructions and dismantling the whole unit to see if I could pop the lock,checking the working one,I managed to replicate the fault on the other one which was still factory default at 000.Great,now 2 not working and their new and haven't left the shed.Googled,and found this site for the fix.Cracked a beer and started spinning codes.Now I know what to watch out for.Glad I wasn't out on a trip.

DAVSATO 23 Dec 2008 17:41

if you have a search through the forum you will find this has been mentioned before, and how to sort it

Stormboy 7 Aug 2010 04:29

And if the tabs on the combination lock break, you can still close the lid and it looks secure, but, IT ISN't!

Had the top access flap on my left bag, that had broken tabs, spring open on a bump at 120klm/hr.

Result was that the flap was ripped off by the wind (broke the hinges) and after retrieval is now held on by some 100mph tape (Duct tape, gotta love that stuff for saving a ride).

Now looking for a replacement flap.

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