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Mr. Ron 16 Apr 2004 13:10

Frank Thomas Gore-Tex Pants
Hello. Purchased a pair of F/T pants 2 weeks ago. These pants are made in England, cost $429Can. Here is my review so far:
The pants are cordura, very flexable and breathable. They fit more like loose jeans, not like the other brands that fit like snowpants, or have very long legs. The knee-armour, on the other hand, had to be removed when worn with the liner, and are very uncomfortable when worn without the liner. I think i would prefer fitted armour anyways, loosly strapped to my legs like motocross.
With the liner, and long cotton/lycra underware, the pants are not cold( notice i didn't say warm) I left Prince George, BC on Friday, Apr.9th. ...It was -3C, a beautiful ride! not a cloud in the sky. But verry cold! The pants worked very well, and i'm very happy with the fit and comfort. I've used Gore-Tex gear for over 10 years now in the worst of conditions, and i swear by it. It is the ideal wear for our N.American climate. I haven't had a chance to ride in heavy rain for a length of time yet, but that review will come soon enough. Has anyone else tried this gear?

miggy 31 Oct 2004 14:04

I think these are the same ones I've got.

The knee armour is uncomfortable and doesn't sit right. So....I removed them and put them into the empty 'hip' armour pockets where they fit fine and feel good. I put some other larger sized armour into the knee armour pockets which fit better and postiton themselves better when riding.

The original knee armour is I think too small. Otherwise a good pair of trousers.

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