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Equipment Reviews Post YOUR REVIEWS of ANY Motorcycle, Camping or Travel Equipment and accessories. Tell us what worked and didn't work for you!
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Old 29 Dec 2007
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MSR pots: very good, very durable,a dn seal pretty well as the handle flips over the lid and clamps down on the opposite side. Origaso flat pack plates and bowls also very good and take next to no space!! Stove: not what you asked about, but anyway its a Primus Omnifuel: very capable
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Old 2 Jan 2008
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Here in OZ we can get some cheap stainless steel pots and panikins .. made in thailand (like the MSR stuff .... probably the same factory). I've the 1 liter panikin - comes with a lid (to keep the embers out) and a long handle .. it is fine. Less than $aud20 some years ago. Branded on the back "Rocket".

I'd like a very small fry pan.. non stick .. rugged (has to be with me). Yet to find that..

that TEFAL Cookset link did not work above ..

Google picked up this
Tefal - Product Reviews - OUTDOORSmagic

Several frypans over at REI .. search on frypan REI: Outdoor Gear & Clothing for Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Camping, Hiking and More
Note they only post MSR products to the USA .. pitty - 160mm diameter is geting towards small ..

The 'open country' one is 200 mm
the 'Evernew' is ti .. 160 mm on special at $usd30 ... maybe. I'll do some measurements on the pack at home...
Regards Frank Warner
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Old 2 Jan 2008
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I've done this....

Trangia 25-5 Review (video)

Maybe worth a look if you want to know more about Trangia.


Watch some of my camp cooking videos

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Old 9 Jan 2008
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I do quite a bit of camping, have done since I was little (was a scout!) & bought some 'dixie' tins maybe about 10 years ago, three of them fold up into the largest one & you can pack your Knife fork etc in the middle of them - still have them, they are a bit bashed but are still fine to use, cook in them & eat out of them so no need for plates etc so saves on washing up!!
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Old 20 Jan 2008
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The MSR Alpine cookset is fantastic and use it myself.
Use a bit of sand from a stream as a scourer - no bother!
Here's a wee secret though... MSR cooksets are made in the same factory thats makes "555" and "seagull" brand. 1/3 of the price and same steel. The design of the MSR cookset for my use is better.
I use mainly the 1.5 ltr pot and the 1 ltr Titan Keatle. The Kettle comes with a well fitting lid. it's a good size to eat out of like bowl. titanium loses it's heat quickly so to drink your brew out of it works well without burning your lips like you would out of a issue cups canteen.

If your ready to snap your toothbrush handle off to save weight.....There is discussion in the light weight hiker groups about titanium - It's naturally heat reflective! So the thought is on a long trip you would use more fuel using tit' than SS so you need more fuel. more fuel-more weight. making SS "lighter" in the long term. -- Very Extreme thinking about weight. But if the tooth brush is looking heavy...

A low cost cookset is as suggested on other posts - Get normal household pots cheap and take the handle off for easier packing. Go down to your local camping shop for a "pot gripper".. a wee handle to "grip the pot.
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Old 20 Jan 2008
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Meh! I'm happy with my army messtins, and I have a Colman 553 stove and a big billy can it sits in. Sorted.
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Old 20 Jan 2008
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My cooking kit is as follows:

Small trangia frying pan, Coleman Sportster Stove sits in it, then a trangia bowl on top, the frying pan acts as a lid for that. Small tongs for getting it on and off the stove, lighter.

Then a Crusader Metal Cup for brews.

Knife(sharp, can also spread) Fork, Spoon

Salt Pepper and Hot Sauce, various sachet drinks and soups, small amount of rice and pasta for just incase times, when places are closed and I neeed to feed myself.

All stored in a Blackhawk Gasmask Pouch, Simple Small Light and Versitile.
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Old 20 Jan 2008
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matt great review of the trangia system. I used a simliar model on all of my duke of ed courses, it is very robust, is good in most weathers, but does take along time to boil/cook anything.

For my Gold DOE we got a gas conversion kit for it which reduced boiling time by alot and you had alot more control over the heat coming out so cooking was easier.

But the conversion kit you have seems to work even better than the one we had, and i like the idea of being able to use petrol to cook with.

The pans we had where alloy ones which where a real pain to clean and transferred heat really badly so the centre would be roasting and outsides just hot, and would corrode slightly if you used metal pads to clean it. Not very tasty. And the kettle is a great and easier way of boiling water, and cooking eggs

I think i will be choicing a Trangia system but which one i dont know yet.
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Old 21 Jan 2008
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Our "cookset" consists of two stainless Revereware pots purchased at the Salvation Army for three bucks 15 years ago. The same make and brand 12" frypan complements the set and is rounded out by (and I am not joking) a double-bottom 3 quart Revereware rice cooker. We spent less than 20 bucks for all of them and have used them for all these years with no sign of wear. On the road through Africa we expect to do most of our cooking with local foods and the rice cooker doubles as a steamer for veggies. Good food to us, is an essential part of life and not being able to cook something for lack of a pot or pan is senseless. I think (lordy, stepping into the debate brown stuff now) that before going light on the cooking gear a person would be better served by cutting down on the non-essentials such as a laptop, GPS, portable televison, massage pack for the WOTB. We will experiment with all local foods and if we like it, we'll learn to cook it for ourselves. If we don't like it, we are well equipped to cook whatever shows up in a method that satisfies our tastes.
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Old 5 Jul 2010
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Optimus Crux

For the weekend jaunts I use the Optimus Crux (its tiny and folds up) & a small C100 Butane cylinder + an Optimus Terra Solo Cookset (a small pot with a small frying pan lid good for the egg banjo) + Folding Titanium Spork. (All of the above fits in the Cookset)

And a Tatonka GSI Mug, which can also go on the burner if needed (and it fits on the bottom of a 1L Nalgene - no problem).

For anything longer I'd go with a something that can burn multiple fuels i.e. Petrol, something like a whisperlite... + maybe a weekend Cookset (same sort of thing as the solo just bigger), if there is more just me that is. I don't bother with plates & cutlery.
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Old 5 Jul 2010
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i use the trangia too, my -27 has the gas burner option and boils .75 litres in no time at all because more of the heat is used, saving a lot of fuel.
ive got the non stick alloy pans which have been excellent so far, if they become a problem in the future i can always change them all trangia components are available singly. i only ever use one of the pans so i have a spare, so the system should last me a good many years and it was on offer at £60 inc gas burner, which should usually be £50 on its own
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Old 6 Jul 2010
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Recently I bought this Set:

Tried it for the first time at the German HUMM last weekend and was pretty satisfied. It burns grain alcohol and comes ready to use with everthing you need. The burner is basically a clone of the trangia.

Off course alcohol stoves are not big in terms of energy output. This one is no different but the wind screen is pretty good and the pots have kind of a heat exchanger on the bottom which makes boiling water quite fast.

All the pieces fit neatly together and the pots have orange plates that fit the heat exchanger at the bottom, so you avoid grindig off the non-stick coating and smearing soot all over them when you put it all together.

Bought it for about 90€ Globetrotter in Germany and feel pretty happy about the purchase. After all just a coleman sets you back roughly the same...

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Old 6 Jul 2010
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The last time I was at the camp store I was advised that Coleman Australia was not importing the dual fuel burner any more. Might be a little dear for the local market?

Feb 2014, currently travelling the America's on a Tiger 800XC

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