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Barry Johnson 29 Oct 2004 18:59

Continental TKC-80s
Used these for 7,000 km trip around morocco, majority tarmac. Offroad sections were mostly gravel and rock, with some sandy sections. Tyres were great on the road - excellect feel and grip even loaded up, very impressed. Good grip on gravel and rock, had one pucture but they seemed to stand up well to sharp rocks and a fair amount of abuse.

Not great in sand but capable enough to get through sandy sections on tracks. Not suitable for extended use on sand. Good enough for M5 (Merzouga-Zagora) route which has some sandy sections.

After 7,000km (1,000km dirt) the front still looks good although the rear is looking worn. I'd expect the rear would need replacing at 15,000km, although I don't think there would be much tread left at this stage (i.e. more likely to puncture, not as much grip off-road).

Travelled mostly solo (500km with pillion) with hard luggage.

All in all an excellent choice for dual-purpose tyre. Very happy. Hope this helps.

3AJ Tenere

Margus 29 Oct 2004 21:47

That's the answer i just was looking for in BMW forum - how mileage capable the TKCs are.

Thanks a lot! http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/smile.gif


jklotz 23 Mar 2005 21:06

I just put a set on my bike. What pressure have you been running? (please in PSI if possible) I have heard mixed suggestions from 40 PSI to 20 PSI.

Mr. Ron 24 Mar 2005 07:43

Agree with above, awesome tire! I run mine at 22psi off-road and 36psi on the highway. My rear will get me aprox 4000 miles, maybe 7000 miles up front.

dwestmodesto 11 May 2005 09:40


Originally posted by jklotz:
I just put a set on my bike. What pressure have you been running? (please in PSI if possible) I have heard mixed suggestions from 40 PSI to 20 PSI.
I just put the knobbies on my R1150GS. 17-20lbs was suggested offroad, 38-40lbs was suggested for pavement. I rode them for the first time at the Rawhyde Adventures ride in Death Valley earlier this month.
I like the knobbies so far.

Julio 1 Jun 2005 09:20

Hi All

I put a set of TK 80s on my BMW R100 GS on my recent trip from London to Syria/Jordan, AS planned to do some piste riding.

I had to change the front tyre in Turkey as the rubber had badly cracked between the knobbles and basically the tyre was disintergrating. Managed to get BMW to change the Tyre and provide me with a report on the defective tyre.

They were at the correct pressure and both wheels were balanced.

Has anyone else had this happen on the R100 as my f650 has never had any problem.



Dave O 30 Jun 2005 20:52

Hi Barry, I'm planning a trip to morroco soon and was considering using TKC 80's. Did you use your tires for the drive down through france and spain?

Remember what Yoda said", there is no try, either do or not do".

burnout1 18 Jul 2005 17:49

Had also a TKC80 in South america for about 10`000km. Was just great and I can just recommend them! Frontwhell you have held longer, but I changed it at the same time as the backwheel.
Anyway, It`s one of the best I have had on gravel, and durt.

G_S 18 Jul 2005 22:02

I love my knobbly TKC's - they're a really great tyre. Even though I can't get as many miles from them as I can from normal road tyres, I wouldn't change 'em for anything else. Simply brilliant

Darkenbad 20 Jul 2005 03:38

Hi, there is a thread on the XRV site, it recommendes running TKC 80's with 29 PSI front and 36 rear, this for the Africa Twin.

I'm on my second set, and have always run them 30 PSI front and rear with no problems, road and off piste.

Barry Johnson 20 Jul 2005 16:34

Hi - to answer the question above yes I did use the TKC's to get from Bilbao to Algeciras and back again, and then for another 3000 miles or so on tarmac through morocco.

I am going back to morocco soon and will go again on TKCs.


Mr. Ron 14 Aug 2005 05:57

...update. I ran the front for 10,000 miles! There were lots of knobs left for traction, but became very wobbly and dished from heavy braking, and started to crack. I ran it with a tube for the last 1000 miles. Awesome tire!!

beemerbird 16 Oct 2005 17:29

I used a TKC80 on the front of my R1200GS during a 3 month trip through Canada, Alaska, Arctic Circle and NW USA.

Ran it at 39psi at ALL times, even on the dirt, rocks etc. Worked brilliantly, and is still on the bike - after 31,500km, with a few thousand km still to go!!

Metzler Tourance on the back using 42psi at all times, currently has about 16,500km on it, withheaps of tread left. This is a very good combination for basic dual-sport conditions, in my opinion.

ChrisK 30 Oct 2005 21:50

Had 80's on my R80 and had the same problem as Julio, 7 knobbles on the front tyre tore off exposing the carcass of the tyre, bit worrying as I was quite a few miles from the nearest tyre dealer, for my next trip I have chosen T63's we will see how these go, only got about 4,500 miles from the rear. Regards Chris

Vaufi 31 Oct 2005 02:23

Yeah, I reckon the TKC80 is probably one of the best allround tyres. But as always it's a compromise. Lots of dirt roads: good. Mostly tarmac: I prefer the Enduro 3, or even Tourance on my R80GS. Sand like Sahara: the Desert is the best choice in my opinion.

Now I'm just preparing my bike for southern Africa. I'd prefer the Tourance, but hopingly I'll do lots of 4x4 tracks in the national parks - so instead I'll take the TKC80. The higher the percentage of gravel roads like Namibia, the more the necessity for knobbies. In this case TKC80. They simply give you a better connection to the surface on gravel roads.

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