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hartselrider 5 Jun 2007 18:52

Buell Ulysses exhaust heat problem
Has anyone tried wrapping pipe with asbestos cloth? Anyone bought the right side airscoop ASB sells?? Would you recommend one method over the other or doing both? Chris

mollydog 6 Jun 2007 07:05

I doubt you'll any replies regards the Uly

backofbeyond 8 Jun 2007 09:10

Can't really say much about the Buell but I have been using "asbestos" tape to wrap the exhaust on a classic car (Lotus Elan) for over 10 years to cut down on radiated heat damaging the glassfibre bodywork. I've also used it on the first couple of feet of my XR600 exhaust and will be using it on my current CCM.
The upside is it works. You can just about still touch it when hot (when its new, anyway) which beats leaving your skin behind on the normal pipe.

The downside is its quite expensive (in the UK), looks awful after being soaked in roadspray / dirt (not so much of a problem with a car) but prob the worst is that the pipe corrodes underneath the tape with repeated soaking. I've not used it with a stainless pipe but it really affected the XR mild steel one.

The stuff I've used (from race car suppliers at Silverstone) becomes fragile with age so if you take it off it fragments and you're back to the expensive part!

americancycle 20 Jun 2008 14:42

exhaust wrap
heres a company with some great products for heat problems, they offer exhaust wrap kits that come with everything you need for the install and a nice instructional .pdf file

DEI Cycle - Motorcycle Exhaust Wraps & Parts :thumbup1:

dottrz 6 Aug 2008 02:36

Buell Heat
Yes, the right side scoop is worth it. Gushes cool air onto the heads, but then, the heat shoots out the gaps in the frame right beneath your backside. No problem, there's also the air flow cover kit available from Buell

Air Flow Cover Kit | Accessories | Gear | Buell Motorcycles

For other opinions on the right side scoop, check this forum: Buell Motorcycle Parts and Forum | Firebolt-Lightning-Uly-1125R

As far as other heat solutions, placing heat barrier beneath your seat helps with a hot tookas. Further, the exhaust wrap isn't a bad idea, bit not usually recommended. Ceramic coating would serve you better, look better, and probably not cost a whole lot more than the wrap.


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