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Boomster 16 Mar 2010 00:03

Akita Apparel
Hi, Anyone used Akita kit? I'm looking at this jacket and pants RaceLeathers - Keep The Skin In & The Road Out - Akito Desert Evo Jacket - Castlerock (Powered by CubeCart) as a substiyute for the BMW Rallye Pro.

Any thoughts?


Owld Grey 16 Mar 2010 11:25

I've used my set of Akito Desert Jacket and trousers for two years now, since they firts came out, when I got them free whilst working in a bike dealers - for evaluation. These are my thoughts after many thousands of miles in them.

- in short, you'd be hard-pressed to find something better FOR THE SAME PRICE.
- they are not as good as say BMW's own or Halvorssons or Heine Gericke gortex stuff .... but they all cost 3/4 times more.
- biggest issues for me are 1) lack of breathability when worn with the thermal liner in, especially when the weather modulates to cold/warm on same day. 2) Despite being marketed with the 'ARD' tag, for maximum versatility by being able to change the layering, in truth they can be awkward and fiddly to put in / take out linings (lots of zips, uncertainty about which is right way round / stick to legs when hot/etc) 3) Mine are the light stone colour and I think they look great, but they do get dirty quickly. Maybe should have gone for the dark grey.
- I think there are so many positives however, that they are a good buy - price and value / comfortable / range of sizes / look good / really good venting system when using in hot/dry conditions with only the outer shell / the layer-zipping system is fiddly, but once the layers are attached, they stay in place and don't 'ride-up' as some others do.

In summary, I'd say a good bit of kit for the money. A lot depends on your intended use of course. If you are going to ride a lot in the tropics, with high humidity, it might be worth considering a better quality/but higher priced suit, with goretex and better breathability. For all-round use, don't think they can be beaten, for the price.

Proof's in the pudding they say. I've been looking around for an alternative for a planned trip later this year. Been to a lot of bike dealers and shows. Haven't yet found anything as good for the same money, so ...... I've just ordered a new set, which I'll pay for this time with my own money!! They'll be new and fresh and not have coffee/beer/blood stains on em!!

Boomster 16 Mar 2010 21:42

Thanks Owld Grey,...I'm looking for something to handle the high heat of Africa and i hadn't thought of the positive impact a breathable fabric would have from a cooling perspective as well as keeping out the rain.
Worth considering spending a bit extra i guess.

Thanks for your thoughts

*Touring Ted* 11 Apr 2010 10:13

Iv just bought a pair of Akito desert (grey) trousers for Africa. I paid £35 off ebay, worn 3 times... I havn't received them yet so I can't comment.

I was going to get the BMW Summer 2 pants but at £140, I just couldn't justify it on my budget.

My point being, is that I have no intention of using the linings at all. I HATE removable linings in trousers and jackets. They're just too fiddley and time consuming to mess around with while riding.

I just carry thin pull over waterproof trousers and a thin "anorak" zip jacket.

If the heavens open up, I pull the waterproofs out of my tank bag and im waterproof in less than 2 mins.

Riding in high temperatures with your waterproof liners in just in case it rains is miserable and stopping every 30 mins to take them on and off on changable days is also a pain.

So, leave the linings at home....

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