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deebee 23 Sep 2006 11:27

transferring photos to e mail in africa
travelling from the uk to sa in a couple of weeks and down the west coast of africa. does anyone have any ideas about transferring pictures from my digi camera so i can email them home or burn to disc?

really need any help on this one!


Quintin 24 Sep 2006 19:50

If you do a search on the site, this was covered 6-9 months ago. From memory people recommended copying to disc and sending home or shoving them on the web (can't remember where now). You can also store them on flash drives which are now getting cheaper by the day or even on external hard drives but if you're limited for space this may be less practical. They are also more vulnerable of course. Don't forget though that if you've got a shed load of photos to e-mail and a high mega-pixel camera it will take an age to e-mail anything. Makes a lot of sense to reduce the quality on photos you plan to send. Also don't forget than with these large cards you now get, you can take more photos than will fit on a CD. I took 'only' 210 photos on one card and the file size was 864 MB. Fortunately I had some blank DVDs............

Have a good trip.


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