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normw 8 Jul 2012 05:50

Is There Any Cell Phone Coverage on the Dempster Highway?
In a few days two of us are leaving on a northern trip which will include the Dempster Highway to Inuvik. I'm trying to determine if there is cell coverage on that road. My online research yields results varying from "there are cell towers on the Depmster" to "spotty at best" to "none". The wireless telephone company maps appear to show no coverage at all on the length of the highway itself.

Does anyone have any recent experience or definitive knowledge?

I am aware that certain carriers' phones (e.g. Rogers) don't work in the Yukon and that part of the Northwest Territories so I've taken that into account and do have a CDMA phone.

Thanks in advance.


normw 30 Jul 2012 21:02

To answer my own question it would appear that there is no cell phone coverage on the Dempster Highway itself.

Other potentially useful bits of information:

GSM cell phones (the most common type internationally with SIM cards) may work in Whitehorse (Yukon Territory) - at least my Rogers one did albeit with many failed calls - but may not in the rest of the Yukon where only a non SIM card CDMA type cell worked for me.

Anyone interestetd in renting a satellite phone in Whitehorse will find Iridium phones and good service at Total North Communications for $125.00 per week (CDN) plus any useage.

Riq 30 Jul 2012 22:11

Inuvik is okay in town
I was in Inuvik on Tuesday and my Rogers phone worked in town but not at the airport. That is at 90 cents a minute for roaming fees.

noche1 17 Aug 2013 05:50

cell coverage
up the dempster last year and I had Telus coverage in inuvik only.
we used the payphones most of the time

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