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strikingviking 6 Sep 2001 08:05

Setting up a travel website
I need some advice on setting up a website that I can down load to from internet cafes in SA. It has to be simple as I am not real computer saavy and I doubt the locals are going to allow me to download software into their computers, like dreamweavers etc. I want to write my journals on a laptop and then just be able to post them on my site back home. My local web designer does not know how to do this. Any suggestions?

John Ferris 6 Sep 2001 23:43

I am only semi-sharp with computers so I went to www.Geocities.com for a free website. If you establish your web pages in plane HTML with just titles like page 1,2
and leave the rest of the page blank you can log into your pages and add or remove text or pictures from any computer without downloading into their computer. The website is stored at the web server.
There are many web servers around with free website space especially if you put banners (adds) on your main page. This is all
"I think" others may know better.

dagjen 11 Sep 2001 11:39

You have several options;

1 - Get your local web guy to do it for you. You write the journal in e-mail form, send it to him with any attached photos, and he does the update.

2 - If you don't know it already, learn some basic html and FTP. If you do, it's no big deal to keep a simple layout and update the site yourself. Most, if not all, pc's have a FTP program installed (try Run on your Start menu in Windows. Type ftp and see what happens).

3 - Keep a link on your homepage to your journals at Horizons Unlimited, this very site. Grant has an offer for people who asks just what you ask(I think?!?). No work for you, other than to write the stuff.

4 - Go the Geocities option as in the above post

5 - You said laptop? Then you can install Dreamweaver or whatever there, and make the journal and links, then transfer to a floppy and ftp to your site

6 - And I'm sure there are more options.....

good luck


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