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Wheelie 26 Sep 2012 21:35

Portable Satellite Internet
Consumer affordable solutions such as Spot Connect and DeLorme inReach 2 way satellite communication solutions pair with your bluetooth smartphone, allowing you to send and receive SMS, track and communicate your position, send predefined SMS and emergency mesages... and with a pinch of salt:"send" and "receive" "e-mails", "update" facebook and twitter... anywhere on the globes. But it is limited to very few caracters and no files. The DeLorme also has a "map" for navigation.

Still, what I really want is a small portable bluetooth satellite IP device/terminal (IP= internet and phone) with an app that works seemlessly with my phone and/or laptop, one which simply gives me full world wide Internet access at a tolerable speed for both upload and donload.... AN AFFORDABLE DEVICE/TERMINAL WITH AN AFFORDABLE SERVICE PLAN!!!

As of now, I am yet to find a solution that has all of these attributes. A small portable IP version is usually the size of a small netbook, lacks bluetooth connectivity, has no app for a phone. But, I could swallow this if the cost of the unit and the service plan was even remotely within the limits of the sane and mortal.

At the time of writing, a medium sized pre paid service plan of 255 mb/month easily exceeds $5 per mb - that is $ 1.300,- for a measely 255 mb! In adition you need the IP terminal itself, which will easily set you back $1.650,- for an entry level model such as the Wideye Sabre 1 BGAN Terminal


For me, the cost of both the terminal and the service plan for a big dumb lump like the one above has to come down to 1/10th of the current rates, that means 130,- for the unit, an 50c/mb. For a pal sized unit or smaller, with blue tooth and a clever smart phone app, I could probably fork over 500 bucks...

Hopefully this will hit the market soon.

If anyone kshould stumble over any clever, cool, and affordable devices and service plans, post it here - I would be interested.

Griffdowg 27 Sep 2012 14:12

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We used a Sabre 1 in West Africa last year. I was quite impressed with its ability to send emails and attached files.

Everynight we would attach the days GPS routes/waypoints and send them back to the MAPA Project based in south Africa. We never did use the phone that came with it as it wasn't needed.

I have no idea on cost etc. I did look for a 2nd hand unit but it was still expensive. I have gone for an Iridium handset which I am aiming to link to a laptop for emails. Otherwise I will just use WiFi where available or internet cafe where I find it.


m37charlie 27 Sep 2012 19:04

I was very satisfied with Sabre 1 over about 9 months during 2 years of off-and-on travel in bush Australia. I only had a big bill for 1 month when my daughter was working on a graduate thesis in geology on the computer/satellite.
If charges were 1/10 as much the 3 satellites with their very finite throughput capabilities would be overloaded with everyone and their wife on Facebook (admittedly, my wife did check her Facebook on it!).
The cost factor is relative depending on one's situation.


iainnic 2 Oct 2012 20:32

If anyone is in the UK ( or around it) there's a really good company we use commercially, but I know have some good solutions at a reasonable cost for portable / travel use.

The company is www.primetech.co.uk, and contact Henry with your needs

They're very good a tailoring the solution to where you'll be in the world. Very helpful and friendly

Ned 2 Nov 2012 00:45

I work on the internet, and as such am free to travel. I'd need a hell of a lot more than a couple of meg though. those prices are insane. there must be a better way.

Surfy 2 Nov 2012 11:12


Originally Posted by Ned (Post 398806)
I work on the internet, and as such am free to travel. I'd need a hell of a lot more than a couple of meg though. those prices are insane. there must be a better way.

There are faster way`s.. The TV Mobile Cars are able to stream near HD Qualitay over satellite - but they have a big Satellite-Solution - and i dont want to know how expensive their equipment and Dataplan is..

The best is to buy local mobile Simcards - and to look after a good Dataplan. With 3g or also with Edge - it is possible to work. HDSPA or 4G you dont find often :frown:

Maybe you have organize your workplace in a new way.

You ever have evaluated Citrix and to work remote on a Server - instead local on your Notebook?

So only the Screen content would transmitted - and not the data itself. But the optimal solution depends on that - what you work. When you have to upload videos and Fotos in high resolution - citrix wouldnt help you :innocent:


Ned 3 Nov 2012 00:42

cheers Surfy. I need to upload and download files, access webites constantly etc. Also, internet improves your quality of life.
I'll have a look at Citrix and see what its about.

for anyone intersted i started a similar thread over in expeditionportal, its deteriorated into a bit of a rant though :innocent:

Global Internet access - Expedition Portal

Maslows updated heirarchy;


Surfy 6 Nov 2012 13:31

Nice picture!

Internet is always usefull - that we have not to discuss here :rolleyes2:

The question is here, if you can work remotely - and leave the files you need to work with and to do up and download them on a server.

This way you just use your up / download for viewing the screen on the server- and sending your commands - and you can use the bandwith of the server - not yours.

Watch in Youtube some movies about "Remote Desktop" to get an idea of how it works.

With citrix the traffic is better managed tban in the RDP Protoll - and you can work better on bad internet.


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