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Wheelie 12 Oct 2012 11:25

Mobile Apps Essentials?
Please share you most essential apps for overlanders...

Here are some of my most essential iPhone apps for adventures:

Google Maps
Google Earth
TomTom Navigator (turn by turn GPS nav)
Spotify (can't live without my music)
Dropbox (backup)
DropPhox (dropbox for photos)
YR (Weather forecast in Norwegian)
TimeLapse (create time lapse videos)
Places (by google)
Find my iPhone
GPS Tracker (integrate it with a map on your blog)
Viber (like skype, just better)
Skype (where Viber falls short)
Pakkeliste (a packing list in Norwegian)
Radio (app for Norwegian internet radio stations)
ATM Hunter (find that cash machine)
Amazon (for e-books)
GDrive (similar to Gwizz)
Tapatalk (for fast and easy use of forums)
Fuel manager (a bit basic)
G-Whizz! (to access google documents, and more)
Glympse (share your location - i.e. when you are trying to find each other)
Geocaching (not so essential, but great fun when you travel)
Wi-Fi Finder (find free wi-fi hot spots)

I am looking for an app where I can manage fuel consumption, estimate range, fuel costs, service and repair costs, etc - anyone know of a great one?

I would also really like an illustrated travel dictionary - universal, just point at the pictures...

stephen.stallebrass 12 Oct 2012 13:47

speakeasy RU
google translate
hostel hero (browseoffline)
HI hostels (browse offline)
couch surfurfing
xe currency
barclays mobile banking

Surfy 12 Oct 2012 17:00

MotionX GPS (For Offline Satellite / Terrain / Road Maps)
TomTom, Navigon, igo, Sygic GPS, Garmin, Falk or others for offline routing

Roadtrip (benzin/diesel maintenance cost calculation)
audible (audiobooks)

Wheelie: roadtrip is that what you search

Wheelie 12 Oct 2012 18:22

Great list Stephen, downloaded a bunch straight away - there are some really useful apps there.

Surfy - I allready have the "Road trip" app, but it lacks a dashboard with gauges showin fuel remaining and range. Fuel Manager by ultim8 does that, but doesn't store your data and lacks everything "road trip" has. A hybrid of these two would be perfect. I downloaded the MotionX GPS and will test it out.

Thanks for sharing

electric_monk 13 Oct 2012 21:00

I can't for the life of me imagine how Ted Simon coped without these.....never mind Carl Stearns Clancy......:biggrin:

McCrankpin 13 Oct 2012 22:09


Originally Posted by electric_monk (Post 396391)
I can't for the life of me imagine how Ted Simon coped without these.....never mind Carl Stearns Clancy......:biggrin:

I was trying to think what this is about..... thanks for the prompt.

I'm determined to try a sheepskin coat as a riding jacket one day. Ted Simon wrote that it was the best bit of kit he had, devastated when he lost it.

So that's my 'app'(!) :blushing:

croissant_warrior 14 Sep 2013 08:51

I have used Autocare for maintenance and fuel tracking...love it. It is geared for cars bit customisable for bikes.


Scootergal 14 Sep 2013 11:49

For anyone visiting Australia you can download the Motorcycle Parking and the Motorcycle Dealers & Workshops apps.

slow-rider 30 Dec 2013 17:56

For KTM Drivers only.....

- KTM Assistant

So you can see all Part Numbers for all Original KTM parts.

stephen.stallebrass 30 Dec 2013 19:42

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. I'm sure even Ted Simon had 'technology' that his forebears didn't have.

lmhobbs 2 Jan 2014 23:05

Weather Underground is great for seeing the weather. Data is drawn from both professional and local weather stations so you can really see what the weather is doing

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