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JulianVoelcker 3 Mar 2007 06:20

GPRS/WiFi access points in Morocco

I'm off to Morocco in April with the family and want some sort of web access for sending stuff back home.

The children will be taking time out of school and we have promised to provide regular email and photo updates. It might also be handy to keep the people at work happy.

I gather mobile coverage is pretty good, but is GPRS data access supported (I'm assuming 3g is unlikely!).

What about WiFi access points in main towns - are there any databases of the locations?

The other option I am considering is some form of data over Satellite, but am hesitant at the costs.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Sophie-Bart 3 Mar 2007 08:04


Last time (october 2005) all the slow (cablemodem) internet cafés I´ve been to before switched to highspeed adsl. Even my favourite, TataNet !
Don't know about hotspots but I reccon that's available in some places too, certainly you´ll find some wifi signals in the big cities, although I don´t think they will be free accesible or are just not seccured (just like home).

But if everthing failed, take some usbsticks or cd-burner with you and do your communication in an internetcafé.

BTW. a google search hotspotfinder gives 6 locations

JulianVoelcker 4 Mar 2007 14:14

Thanks Bart, useful info.

I guess I need to check the mobile coverage there as well.

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