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V2RJO 11 Dec 2007 22:28

communicate in any language, easy!
Used these all over Europe with great ease, sometimes you just don't know the words for what you want................have a look here.....

PocketComms the Perfect Travel Communication Aid

worth £10 in my view.......no connection, just a cheap and useful purchase...

Roger O.

Martynbiker 11 Dec 2007 23:42

What a brilliant idea!:thumbup1:

Dessertstrom 12 Dec 2007 07:31

You just saved me a load of work, I was in the process of writing out names of common objects in different languages and hadn't a clue how to pronounce most of them.

Ian :D

Dakota 12 Dec 2007 08:46

This link http://www.spectronics.co.nz/downloa...re%20Index.pdf is for a 60 page pdf of picture symbols which is indexed. Maybe a little too comprehensive, but free!!

garrobito 12 Dec 2007 15:31

Buenisimo!! Great idea!!!:thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:

mattcbf600 12 Dec 2007 15:44

oh very useful - thank you!

Much better than my £80 Russian course which has resulted in me knowing zero of the language :-)

(downloading the PDF now - I'm sure if it gets laminated it'll work but that pocket thing... very handy)


silver G 12 Dec 2007 18:39

Picked a simmilar one up in stamfords a few years ago. Very usefull and saves having to climb over the counter to get what you want anddon't know the name:thumbup1:

Sophie-Bart 13 Dec 2007 07:44

point it
Another solution:


POINT-IT picture dictionary Graf Editions
as mentioned in a thread a while back

Nice, though a little small it gives a few smiles.

pictish 13 Dec 2007 23:49

convert what u got
couldnt u do the same with a phone or palmtop, mp3,ipod with clipart type images?
a memory card could be easily filled with everything you could need and then stuck in when needed. some cameras and gps[not sure] could also be used for same thing.

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