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brianb 1 Feb 2006 23:27

vehicle permit
I entered mexico in Oct. 05 with a 180 day permit. The bike has been in Mx. ever since but I have left and returned by plane numerous times.
How long does one have to leave mexico before reentering for the purpose of getting another 180 day permit. The bike is in the Yucatan now and I'm thinking to bring it into either Belice or Guatamala for this purpose.

Mr. Ron 2 Feb 2006 06:53

Brian, before you can start another permit, you must cancell the existing permit. When you leave Mexico with the bike, make sure they remove the sticker from your windshield. They will also check your serial number to both their paperwork and yours to make sure it is the same bike you came in with. The authorities will not issue you another permit if you still have one open.
If you stay longer than the permitted 180 days, let me know what happens when you cross the boarder. I left my bike in Zacatacas and will be returning in Dec. and enter Guatamala, i'm curious what the authorities will do when they discover i've overstayed my permit, but still lived up to my promise to not sell the bike in Mexico.

Lone Rider 6 Feb 2006 02:20

I've never experienced a problem renewing an expired vehicle permit.

The law says 72 hrs between between renewing a 'current' Tourist Card. Just don't show a current TC and you should be fine.

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