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brianb 19 Mar 2006 22:39

turn around time for vehicle permit Mexico
If anyone has a clear answer, enlighten me. My six month permit runs out April 12th. I want to keep the bike in the Yucatan so I am planning to take it into Belize, then back into Mexico hopefully for another 6 month permit. How long does one have to stay out of Mexico before recieving another vehicle permit? I just read a consulate statement that said only 1 6 month permit per vehicle, per year. I would like to know what the experience has been for others. Thanks

msg996 20 Mar 2006 08:32

I have had 2 permits of 6 months within a year of one another, but it wasn´t in the same calendar year.
I just cancelled my second one today, so this is recent experience.

Don´t know if that helps you or not. I wouldn´t think you should have any trouble with a quick turnaround ... As long as it´s not like 15 minutes or anything.


Lone Rider 20 Mar 2006 19:16

I believe that it's 72 hours, and that applies to the tourist card.

Turn in your temp vehicle permit, wait for a shift/personnel change, don't show your old/current tourist card when applying for a new one.

You'll want a fresh 180 day tourist card before getting a new temp vehicle permit.

Sjoerd Bakker 21 Mar 2006 22:42

Last year I took a car into Mexico for a trip in January and in September I took the KLR down to the Copper Canyon- two temporary import permits in ONE callendar year and nothing was said aboutit.Then this January 16 2006 I went in with my R1100GS for two months and again no issue arose.Enjoy the trips.

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