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yuma simon 4 Oct 2006 03:31

For those wanting to visit Sonora, Mexico
Sonora has just eased up its vehicle entry fee for vehicles traveling south in that Mexican state. Read about it here...


Hltoppr 5 Oct 2006 21:52

Just FYI, we were asked for our vehicle importation permits at a military checkpoint between Yecora and Creel last February....


RickMcD 6 Oct 2006 02:08

Just came through there!
I crossed the border (at Rio Colorado) sunday morning (Oct 1st 2006) and headed south (well east first) :=) There are several signs on the main highway that say Sonora OK and then when I got to the end of Sonora north of Los Mochis there were big signs and turnaround lane for "Sonora Only". All this and no one stopped me at all to check. I didn't put the TVIP sticker on the windshield this time and still no one has stopped me or asked for it. So ... it must be true Sonora OK!!
btw. I am headed south. In Mazatlan now, Puerto Vallarta tomorrow (6th). Figure to be in Panama City around the first of Nov. to ship bike and me to Bogota. If any one is headed down west side of Mexico and might want to hook up or have a beer.

RickMcD 7 Oct 2006 01:27

Missing HU meeting.

Originally Posted by mollydog
Hey Rick!

Too bad you're missing the HU meeting.
Sounds like you're making good time, how's the weather been?

I'm assuming you've stuck to Mex 15 all the way so far?

Vallarta is a great place to chill, tourists and all. Further south the
beaches are spectacular if the rainy season lets up. Check the
mercados, you will see the best fruit and vegies of the year in
Oct. and November.

I don't display my Turista sticker either, the Aduana guys say
someone will steal it to put on illegally imported cars (very common)
Just keep it with your Pasaporte.

Have fun,


Patrick. I really wanted to go to the meeting but I am trying to make Cusco Peru by November 20 or there abouts. My girlfriend may be able to fly down there for that week to tour the ruins with me. Based on that I didn't think I had enough "extra" time if I left from Creel on the 13th or 14th. Maybe, dunno. Too late now. :=)
Yup. Stikin to Mex 15 and 200. I came all the way up the coast in 2003 from Copan, Honduras thru Guat then the coast back to SoCal. Mazatlan was great with great price at the Playa Mazatlan. Am in Puerto Vallarta today (10/06). It is VERY humid. Temp is only about 90 but the humidity is off the scale! No rain at all (yet). Looking forward to Puerto Escondido and down there. Going to bypass Acapulco as much as I can. I am going to make a little side trip to Palanque since I missed it last time. Grant has put up my travel blog under travelers stories for Central and South America!
Rick McDermed

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