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MennoMoto 15 Sep 2012 20:38

The Independence Pana-Colombia
Has anyone used th yacht the Independence to move a bike between Panama and Colombia? Reviews?

I'm in Panama now and am weighing my options, hope to sail on something in th next 2weeks.

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johan&ils 17 Sep 2012 03:17

we took the Stahlratte, witch was GREAT

sorry, but I didn't hear much good thinghs about the indepence, specialy not about how the captain go's along with the bikes. (but again, this is what we heard! not our oun experience)

MennoMoto 2 Oct 2012 17:17

I ended up using Fritz on his new boat Jacquelin. Nothing fancy, he gets a bit annoying, and the boat was a bit crowded, but he did a very good job of loading/unloading the bikes. Not sure how it would have been if the seas were rougher, but the bikes were tied down, and I put a tarp over mine to keep some sea spray off. YOU DO NOT NEED AN AGENT to clear the bike into Colombia. It's super easy and straightforward, especially if you've already been through Central America. Once you have cleared immigration (done with the captain of your boat and all passengers) drive the bike to DIAN near the port, and it's the standard process of filling out an import form, copies of the form, your passport, entry stamp and title. Waited about 2.5 hrs, all done. Fritz tried to get us to use his buddy as an agent for US$35, but no need at all, and the agent struck me as being seriously sketchy as well. I'll look into insurance today.

mart.math 9 Oct 2012 23:16


Looking in crossing in the next few weeks,
How long for the trip ?
How much ?


sellheim 18 Oct 2012 15:36

Just took the trip a few weeks ago
Organised it through hostel mamallena in panama city (can also organise it in their cartagena hostel)

and it was $1050 total. $70 deposit to the hostel when you arrive there and the rest to the captain when onboard

from the hostel:
Price: US$ 550.- (COP 1,1mio) per person, Motorbike (up to 250 kg) US$ 500.- ( COP1 mio), up to 6 Mbikes on
Board)Motorbike with sidecar ( and bikes over 250 kg) US$ 650.- (COP


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