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seerich 13 Apr 2012 01:34

Tennessee to Tulum, Mexico
I am headed out in a couple of days and wanted to find the best directions. It's 1,500 miles from Corpus Christi. Can anyone give me the best way to travel. I plan to ride from sun up to sun down. Where are good places to stay between the border of Texas and Tulum, Mexico. Please email me directly at rich.beaird@gmail.com. I plan to leave Texas this coming Monday morning.

Sjoerd Bakker 13 Apr 2012 19:39

So much information .... so little time.Shouldn't you, couldn't you have started your search for information a lot earlier?
How much time do you have , what bike , one way or return trip,financial limits .
There are LOTS of places to stay, any town with more than a few thousand people will have some form of reasonably priced hotel, motels are along most highways near towns, uber-expensive resort hotels and multinational chains can be found in the ritzy resort zones and the big cities.

Routes are many , your choice depends on how much time you are willing to spend.The AAA fold out map of Mexico is adequate for rough planning Get a Guia Roji atlas when in Mexico.
The sunup to sundown routine will get tiressome very quickly
Hint : click on the linkbelow

Scrabblebiker 14 Apr 2012 01:08

That's a bit too vague of a question. Mexico is a very large, and beautiful country with way too many route options for a simple answer.

Tell us a bit more about yourself. What's your goal? Getting there as fast as you can? Seeing specific things along the way? If so, what are those things? Twisty, gnarly secondary roads? friendly local towns seldom visited by Americans/Canadians? Staying on the "backpacker trail"? If "just getting there" is your goal then google "traza tu ruta" and use it to find the most direct route down there via very expensive toll routes. It will give you the most direct route including toll costs. You'll have to pick a Mexican border city to start from. Those toll routes truly save a lot of time but they're mostly boring and will put a dent in your wallet pretty quickly. Come to think of it you can now use Google Maps all through North and Central America. So that would be another option.

If you can come up with something more specific I'd be happy to share my personal past route and highlights based on what you're looking for.


Foflappy 16 Apr 2012 22:48

So many choices....I've been meandering East Central Mexico for a week now and I feel like I've missed a ton even though I've visited Teotihuican and ridden up the slopes of Orizaba. I have camped and stayed in hotels. I have not spent more than $20 for a room but mostly less than $15 with hot water and wireless internet. Off the autopistas I have seen amazing things and met some great people. People that live lives very different from my own. I've had experiences unlike any I've had. And I'm only just started my travel.

How long are you riding for? I'm taking 20 days to ride to Cancun (82 miles from Tulum)

I hope you will be stopping in Palenque on the way to Tulum.

I'm In Veracruz right now and headed to Tulum and Beyond. on Wednesday I'm headed to Los Tuxlas for some beach and waterfall time before I head south. I am meeting my wife in Cancun on the 28th of April for a couple of weeks riding around the Yucatan but I have no schedule besides that. Let me know if you want to ride a bit together...or stop for lunch and a beer.

Sjoerd Bakker 23 May 2012 19:09

So .... whatever happened thus far ???:confused1: Still on the road ?

3 weeks later.........

...Still no further news?

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