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IronArse 27 Nov 2010 00:50

Suzuki dealer Costa Rica
Hey folks, trying to find a Suzuki dealer in Costa Rica to get my hands on a new chain and sprocket for my V-Strom 650, but with my bad gringo spanish I can't find anything online. Anyone know of anyone around at all, would be much appreciated!!!!!!!

hmadams 27 Nov 2010 04:22

Try Wild Rider in San Jose....they rent Suzuki and can probably hook you up:
Wild Rider Costa Rica - Motorcycle Rental and Motorcycle Adventure Tours, 4x4 Car Rental, Costa Rica Adventure Tours and more ...


Sjoerd Bakker 29 Nov 2010 17:38

Iron A. , when in the need always try a random stab at internet search for the type of company you need - Suzuki of Cost Rica
They have a website it turns out , Bienvenido a Suzuki Motos, Marino, Cuadras de Costa Rica :: Motos- Suki S.A with the info you seek -dealerships ( distribuidoras)and a little map to get you started finding them all over the country and one is sure to have the bits you need

MyOwnWay 29 Nov 2010 21:32

Workshop in San Jose
Hi mate, if this is any helpful, you can try this number for a workshop in San Jose (Costa Rica) 379 6316 , I don`t remember the country code if you are abroad. Ask for Colorado, he is the owner, I donĀ“t remember his name but he likes being called like that. Colorado speaks fluent english and can help you with information. He took me to the suppliers shop for some spares last year, he was happy to help travellers.


robopie 1 Dec 2010 16:02


Here's an email address for the GM of Motosuki, S.J., CR. It's the largest Suzuki shop in CR.

I was laid up for 5 weeks there waiting for parts / repair.

Don't mention my name!:thumbup1:

IronArse 1 Dec 2010 19:04

Hey folks, cheers for the info there, but alas, none of them stock what I need, which is mainly just a chain & sprocket for the V-Strom. I high-tailed it down to Panama City where I am now, and the main Suzuki dealer here (that stocks V-Stroms so their web-site says), does not have a basic chain and sprocket for me either. No biggy as I'm shipping the bike home from here anyway, but cracks me up these faux-authorised dealers that wave the banners but tell you they can't get you parts.
Robopie - won't ask why not to use your name, but of course we'd all love to know....... :nono:

robopie 2 Dec 2010 04:40

Robopie - won't ask why not to use your name, but of course we'd all love to know.......

??? Is this a bad thing to do ??

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