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mhelmuth 7 Feb 2010 18:16

Spanish Language Immersion Schools
Hello All,

I'm starting to plan a trip toward TDF originating the US. I speak a bit of Spanglish (I live in NYC, it's a useful skill), but early in the trip I'd like to spend a month or two at a language immersion school. I know of people who have done this in Mexico and Guatemala. I'm looking at the sort where it's relatively inexpensive and room and board with a local family is included.

Has anyone on this list done that? Any comments or suggestions on particular places?


aukeboss 8 Feb 2010 00:35

Fenix language school
Go to Fenix language school in Zacatecas, Mexico. Five hours of classes a day plus, if you want, living with a family that only speaks Spanish. Not expensive, good atmosphere. Did it last year.


Calvin 8 Feb 2010 04:31

CBA Spanish school in Xela (Qeutzaltenango) Guatemala
Good teachers and extra activities everyday.

Very resonable costs and close to the main square, sign up for a day or a month!

I really liked Xela and there are many day rides up into the high country!


hopelessly lost 9 Feb 2010 06:03

I agree with Calvin. There are tonnes of language schools in Xela (Quetzaltenago) in Guatemala. Traditionally, Antigua has been the go to place in Guatemala for Spanish schools, but Xela is cheaper and more isolated... which means, even if you want to speak English at a local shop, it will prove difficult.

TravellingStrom 9 Feb 2010 13:02

Antigua is definitly a good place to be, lots of tourists though and you will end up speaking too much English, unless you find a home stay which only takes one border, then you will be immersed.


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