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mcgiggle 12 Dec 2012 12:32

shipping PARTS from Mexico to NJ and back, best options?
Hi all,
I need to ship a rear shock from Mexico to New Jersey and back as quickly as possible, I have approx. 12 days in
Oaxaca over Christmas beginning 17th December, the work should only take a day.
Can anyone recommend the best way/who to use for this? Also it is a warranty repair and I'm led to believe that this changes things with customs!???
Any help gratefully recieved.


MikeMike 12 Dec 2012 13:02

Get to DHL, it is your only hope and you will pay a lot of money.
I doubt, even with the quickest service they have you will get it in the time frame you require. If you overnight it, it will probably be more like two days and the biggest problem you will have is customs on the Mexican side delaying the return even if DHL broker it for you. Plan on at least a week, especially at this time of year.
Make it clear on the declaration that it is a warranty repair and get the agent to help you with the wording.
I've never seen a FedEx or UPS shipment beat DHL here for speed and security. In fact, FedEx sucks in Mexico.
Explain the situation clearly to them, pay, and cross your fingers.
It might end up cheaper getting it rebuilt in Mexico.

mcgiggle 12 Dec 2012 13:55

Thanks Mike, I have sent DHL Mexico a very long enquiry! Is there anybody (trustworthy/with the right tooling/parts) that can do the work in Mexico? The problem is if someone (anywhere) says they can and rips the shock down but when it's apart they can't complete the work I'm stuffed so sending it back to Hyperpro USA may be expensive but at least the work is done correctly.

MikeMike 12 Dec 2012 22:45

If there is no HyperPro dealer here in Mexico, send it north if it has special parts or tools involved.

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