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GR8ADV 10 Sep 2010 01:13

Shipping Honduras to States
Hi all. A noob here but frequent ADVRIDER. 4 of us heading to Honduras for charity, but no time to ride home.

I am having a heck of a time finding any information about shipping home. NaviVan at least as told me that I will need a container. But that is it. No idea how much, how to do this or anything.

If anyone has any insight, ideas, or shipping companies that would be great.

Thank you, Ken

grumpytoo 14 Sep 2010 15:39

I shipped a couple of bikes from Nicaragua. They needed a certified clean wood container and it must be fumigated. This is a US requirement. The container was a pallet with an open wood frame around the bike. It was build by locals. Everything from that area seems to go through Miami so for time and money savings I would, and should have, shipped it there and then made US arrangements. Maybe Los Angeles on west coast would work but I would make sure to know where it will arrive in the US. I used a local shipping agent. It was a trial but it worked out fine. I ended up paying enough in shipping to buy the bikes again. They were KLRs though. :biggrin3:

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