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srileo 7 Aug 2008 02:59

Shipping Bike from Costa Rica instead of Panama
Hello all,
I am an east Indian living in the US (San Francisco) and i am planning a Central america ride this year-end. The rough route is from San Fran through Baja, central mexico, Yucatan and then Belize and end in Costa Rica. Rough timeline is 6 weeks - which is a bit short and therefore i am thinking of flying myself and the bike back from Costa Rica or Panama back to SF or L.A.

Looking throgh the archives, it appears that only one person seems to have shipped their bike back to the US. And that too to Miami. Anyone else?

Also, i am currently preferring to ship it out of Costa Rica because it is an English friendly country. Is there a compelling case to ship out of Panama?

Any guesstimates on carriers and costs would be welcome!

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