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bmason31 26 Oct 2010 23:30

Selling in Mexico: how to?
Hey guys, just got back from the junior excursion of San Antonio Texas to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and I had so many great offers on my bike when I was in Mexico that I decided to sell it down here. Only problem, WHAT DO I DO!!??

Anybody got any idea what it takes to sell one in Mexico? I know about getting across the border, as I did that four months back, but are there any title/paperwork issues I should know about? What's the best city to do it in? I assumed Mexico City, but would there be a better market out there for it? Also, after I told my buddy about how much I was offered for it, he wants to take a trailer down there. Who does he contact to ask about that?

Annnnnd breath. That's my twenty questions. Thanks for all the help.

Sjoerd Bakker 26 Oct 2010 23:36

Click on this official Mexican website and you will get the answer about selling it legally. Nobody can prevent you from selling it to any person who comes up with the cash of course, but then you are opening up a can of worms for when you cross back into the US and have to explain what happened to the bike, or when you eventually come back to Mexico with another vehicle and your name and history comes up showing you neglected to cancel a TVIP.
Lots of used cars , trucks and motorcycles are imported into Mexico by Mexicans, so no reason why you should not be able to do the shipment for them,as it were
[url=http://www.aduanas.gob.mx/aduana_mexico/2008/preguntas_frecuentes/145_10419.html]Preguntas frecuentes - Preguntas_frecuentes_de_Vehiculos - SAT M
FAQ 5 seems to zoom in on your question
click this http://www.aduanas.gob.mx/aduana_mex...141_10055.html
And if you think you can avoid alllthis by claiming the bike was "stolen" forget it -that scamm has been tried too often and they have documentation requirements for it too see this FAQ [url=http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/aduana_mexico/2008/vehiculos/141_11258.html]Veh

bmason31 1 Nov 2010 20:13

Sjoerd, thanks a million, man. I appreciate the tip. I just had so many people tell me I should sell my Shadow down there, you know? I figured if I got it for three and they wanted to buy it for six, why the heck not give it a try? I'm still doing the research, but it does seem complicated. If you have any more tips, I'd love to hear them.

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