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codyblake 11 Feb 2005 22:32

selling bike in central america

I am planning on selling my bike in nicaragua to another forgeiner who lives in guatemala. If anybody knows the procedure for nicaragua selling, transfering title, and taxes please feel free to inform me.

Grant Johnson 11 Feb 2005 23:00

Most important question is:

where is the bike registered?

If it's registered in Nicaragua, and you're there, just go in to the appropriate office and find out!

Note that he will probably want to register it in Guatemala, so that adds a wrinkle to the mess. Duty and taxes make it much more complicated.

If NOT Nicaragua registered, then it's a whole different game. Is the bikes details stamped in your passport? If so, you can NOT leave Nica without it.

and so on...

need much more details...

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

codyblake 13 Feb 2005 03:02

the bike is registered in California. I, as a forgeiner, will be selling to another forgeiner. I think we will be trying to make the transaction on the border itself of Costa rica and nicaragua. Hopefully with the idea that we will be stamped out of one country and not yet into the other. But still would love to hear some input if anyone knows?

PatOnTrip 13 Feb 2005 21:50

When I crossed Costa Rica, my bike was not stamp in my Passport.

If it can help you...


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