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arooni 30 Jan 2012 04:05

Seeking a place to buy a rear tire near Quetzaltenago or Antigua (Guatemala)
Hi folks:

Heading to Quetzaltenago tomorrow; then passing through Lago Atilan region on the way to Antigua. I'm looking for a good shop where I can buy a rear tire for my Strom on the way through these cities. Ideally they will have a tire in stock; I'd prefer not to wait a week for a tire as I'm trying to catch the Steelraht for a March 6th sailing.

Can you let me know:
1) Will I have to wait to buy a tire; or will they have something in stock?
2) Any specific suggestions of shops that would have good selection and the ability to install and balance the tire?
3) Any suggestions for what to throw on there (I may not get any choice given the selection). I have a Shinko 705 front that seems to be running well.

Thanks in advance!

guaterider 30 Jan 2012 21:24

Several places in Guate City have tires in stock ; you might find them in Quetzaltenango as well but I don't think you can get them in Antigua.
5a. Avenida 7-23, Z.9 Guatemala C.A.
Celular: (502) 5060-5544 / Tel. (502) 2334-3484
Fax: (502) 2334-3483 E-mail:

Motoshop VRC
7ª. Avenida 8-44 Zona 4.
PBX: (502)2332-1813
E mail:

Así Sí
Así Sí...me gusta!!!
6 avenida 5-15, zona 4. Ciudad de Guatemala. Centro América.
502 2339.4953
502 2339.4955

arooni 31 Jan 2012 04:44

Thanks, I emailed all of them! Hoping I can get it in Antigua so I don't have to head to Guatemala City. This little gringo is afraid of that city ;).

markharf 31 Jan 2012 06:41

From Antigua it's easy enough to have someone bus in (or ride) and get it for you.

BlackBeast 1 Feb 2012 01:42

If you are still in Xela, check these guys out. The owner's name is Horacio and his head mechanic Alex both speak English if that's a concern and carry dualsport tires at affordable prices. I didn't but tires here, but had my bike worked on while we were in school I highly recommend these guys.

Comercial Aguilar.
1a Calle 19-11
Zona 1
Tel 7761-8204

If in Antigua, I don't recall the name of the shop, but it's across from the bus terminal and hard to miss as it's really busy. It stocks car/truck/motorcycle parts and bought our Pirelli MT60's from here.

arooni 1 Feb 2012 17:07

I spent the morning calling all the motorcycle shops I could find in Quetzaltenago, Antigua, and Guatemala City. Here's what I found:

PS: 1 USD = 7.75 Guatemalan Quetzals (Q)

================================================== ======
Comercial Aguilar:

Dunlop -- japonaisa; --- G501T ---- 1230Q
Maxis --Taiwain -- M6029; ---- 1290Q

Plus 30Q to install
================================================== ======
Antigua (la recollection):

Pirelli MT75 --- pavement only --- 710Q

Pirelli Scorpion -- dual sport -- 1425Q -- not in stock need to order it
================================================== ======
Guatemala City: Motoshop VRC

Pirelli -- Scorpion MT90
Precio: 1360Q -- 1224Q --- best price with discount
================================================== ======
Guatemala City -- Asi Asi

1520Q --- Continental Contri-tri attack --road only
================================================== ======
Antigua (Henry the mechanic)

pirelli -- scorpion MT-90....
800Q --- brazilana.

dunlop -- g501T --- (not sure if I got this model # correct) 1200Q ----
================================================== ======

I don't know a heck of a lot about tires... but it seems like I'd want a dual sport tire as opposed to a purely asphalt tire. So my thought is to go with the Pirelli Scorpion as it seemed to get good reviews on the Stromtrooper site. I'd love your thoughts!

richsuz 10 Mar 2012 01:13

Hi David, did you get your tire? If you are able to jump on that Scorpion, do it. VRC runs out of tires very fast. I use them Scorpion S/T on my Suzuki GS650 and it is a great tire for Guatemala. Good in most conditions, even sand. If VRC in Xela is not helping you, I can , I know one of the managers in the city that can arrange locating the tire for you. Installation is another story, for none of the VRC shops have tire mounting machines. You will have to search one that will not damage the paint on your wheel.

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