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freewheelin frank 9 Dec 2009 16:50

Security in Mexico & Central America?
I am planning on riding from Florida to Panama for the first time in January and was wondering if there are currently any security issues to be mindful of or places to avoid in Mexico and Central America other than not riding at night.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Sjoerd Bakker 9 Dec 2009 22:25

There are no great warnings about traveller safety for all the countries from Mexico to Panama. Did the whole plot earlier this year as well as 6 weeks exclusively all over Mexico and another week touring in north Mexico in September and never ,as usual, experienced any situation or problem vis. safety.
The ruckus in Honduras may now be subsiding post election, but all the while motorcyle travellers have been moving through and avoiding areas where any protests were getting rowdy.
Good to hear you are not planning night riding , and other than that it is a question of applying the same common sense.Enjoy.

markharf 10 Dec 2009 02:10


Originally Posted by freewheelin frank (Post 267264)
....was wondering if there are currently any security issues to be mindful of....

ANY security issues? Well yeah, there are lots of security issues. Just nothing out of the ordinary.

So....keep everything locked to your bike and/or never turn your back on it. Find secure parking off the street every night. Don't fall for corrupt cops who'll threaten you with thousands of dollars in bogus fines (this happened in Peru, actually, to some riders I just ran into today as I exited Ecuador). Keep valuables connected to your corporal self at all times (i.e., moneybelt) and/or locked securely, separated widely and well-hidden. Stay away from crowds, particularly crowds yelling things angrily or surrounded by police. Don't talk to strangers in the Copper Canyons. Etc. etc. etc.

Of course, I flout all these rules, if not routinely, often enough. Tonight I (gasp!) rode at night. But most of it is the kind of stuff you'd do in, say, New York or Atlanta.

Hope that helps.


(Now in Peru, returning to the big, bad Central American countries sometime next year on my way home to my new life as a settled, responsible pillar of the community.)

freewheelin frank 10 Dec 2009 03:15

Thanks Sjoerd. This will be my first ride through Mex & CA. Just wanted to check the current situation with those who have been there.
Thanks to you too Mark. Very helpful information. You are the man!

Enjoy the ride!

FF :mchappy:

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