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El Aleman - Jens 26 Nov 2006 15:13

Riding Central America - Where should I go, any ideas???
Hi guys, today I got good news - I will ride a motorcycle from Panama City to Tucson/USA !!! Great!!! I will leave right after Christmas, I have about 5 weeks.
Will start in Panama around 28th of december 2006.

I know so far only Costa Rica, but do you have any ideas what I shouldn´t miss on my trip??? I have only 5 weeks......

Where do I have to go???

Mexico - Copper Canyon, Nicaragua - the city of Granada....

Thanks for your help! If you are out there - let us have a beer together!

Thanks - Jens

pappy 26 Nov 2006 21:14

Do not miss Antigua, Guatamala. I am currently in Costa Rica and may well head north around the end of Deciembre. Keep me posted if you need someone to go through Central Amercia with.


El Aleman - Jens 28 Nov 2006 07:15

Looking for ticket today!
Hi I am looking for a ticket today - hope to see you on the road!

More in a couple of days!


Costa Rica is pretty cool, where are you right now???

motomech 28 Nov 2006 20:45


Originally Posted by pappy
Do not miss Antigua, Guatamala. I am currently in Costa Rica and may well head north around the end of Deciembre. Keep me posted if you need someone to go through Central Amercia with.


What model BMW do you have? I have a R100GS and live in Guanacaste. I even have a stash of parts. 670-1263

Forsellini 28 Nov 2006 22:35

Copan is a major Maya archeological site. Copan Ruinas is located on the Western side of Honduras. Copan Ruinas is a very small town but quite nice. Plenty of hotels and restaurants. The ruins can be reached on foot from the town. I also would recommend Antigua. I would recommend "Casa Rustica" hotel owned by Darryl Hicks a bike enthusiast who has internet, cable and small bar in the center of town.


El Aleman - Jens 29 Nov 2006 07:47

Vamos a America Central!!!
Thanks for your ideas so far - I will be riding a F 650 GS, another fiend a R 1200 GS. Some other guys a riding the bikes down from USA, and we will ride them back. Do you know a safe Parking in Panama City??? They will arrive around 15th of December and we will pick them up around 25th of december.

about 10 days Parking wanted.
(there will be perhaps a 3rd bike)

Thanks for your help!


pappy 29 Nov 2006 14:56

Hold up at Hotel Cacts- San Jose
I am currently staying at the Hotel Cacts- 300 meters north of Pizza Hut on Paseo Colon. Bareo Mexico, San Jose Costa Rica. They have secure Parking reasonable rates. If you get to San Jose in the next two months look me up. If you need Information on riding in Costa Rica see Thorsten or Thomas at Wild-Ridre.com their business is on Paseo Colon about 100 meters east of the KFC down from Sabana park.
My ride is a 1993 R100GSPD- I could use rear Brake shoes. Also if any one needs a Shock for this bike I have a brand new Works in Colombia at a friends house. I am not going to be able to pick it up this trip and do not want to pay further shipping.

Sjoerd Bakker 29 Nov 2006 18:06

merica & Mexico
Hi, just some ideas for your consideration in route planning:
Panama- a loop around the south of the Azuero Peninsula, nice coastal route , sometimes a bit of gravel in construction zones, south off the PanAm highway and back again.
Watch out for the cops along the highways around Santiago in particular, they like to stand in the shade and nick you for the least little infraction, so stick to the speed limit and no passing in curves.
From David ride up the mountain to visit Boquete, interesting climate. From there or from David use the paved backroads to Gualaca and the road to the humid ,jungly north coast at Chiriqui Grande and west to Changuinola, then into Costa Rica at Sixaola - a very interesting crossing ,maybe a bit hairraising, via an old railroad bridge.
Costa Rica - the entire country! but especially a ride up to the top of Poas Volcano on a CLOUDLESS day, or at least with the hope of some fog free visibility. It is a whole different country than the warm lower slopes.And of course a ride along the Arenal Volcano and the Lago Arenal and over the top to Tilaran where, bang, teh climate switches to warm and dry Guanacaste.
Nicaragua- San Juan del Sur , Granada, Leon,
Honduras - Copan, Santa Rosa Copan and the gravel road west to / from Gracias and the PanAm.
Guatemala Antigua GT, Quezaltenango (Xela) and the road south through the valley along Zunil, the western highlands around Xela , Huehuetenango and around Lago Atitlan with a visit to Panajachel;
teh boat ride down the Rio Dulce from Fronteras on Highway CA13 down to Livingston , then to pretty Flores and Santa Elena ( lots of hotels in Sta. Elena off the island) and of course a visit to Tikal the impressive Mayan ruins site for a visit of one 2 or ??? days. Tikal has 3 hotels on site and a campground and small restaurants, so everything you need.
Belize - small enough to do a zigzag tour in a few days down to Punta Gorda and Dangriga before going north to Mexico.
Mexico- a word of caution - it is a big country and you will have to pick some route which fits your timetable, but as you are visiting in January you may want to keep a very close eye on the weather forecasts when you are getting into the northern parts. January is the coldest month ( now in late November they are already getting nights down to -4Celsious and lessin Tepehuanes and Temosachic , people suffering from the cold see www.tvazteca.com , click on hechos/estados ) ) and if you rush into the highlands of Chihuahua to see the Copper Canyon you will get very cold ,even a good chance of snow, and I don't think you left Worms to see snow?If Nearing Durango from the cool centre of Mexico look if the weather to the north is worth the risk, then head to the Pacific coast along Mex 40 - thousands of curves, and to Mazatlan to either go north along the coast or across to Baja and then north-two very different countries but 100% interesting.
Five weeks should be good for the trip you propose , but will put a limit on how long you linger in any one spot. Enjoy !!

Lizanne 30 Nov 2006 06:14

Where to visit...........in Nicaragua
Great ideas for Nicaragua....if I may......a little expansion on those ideas. For sure don't miss San Juan del Sur but even better 5 miles to the North lies Majagual. He he he....a beautiful secluded spot for campers and backpackers.
There are bunks to rent or tents or use your own. A beautiful lagoon and inexpensive food. Ask how to get there when in SJdel Sur at the gas station.

Leon is a must as well....but even better, 5 miles west is Poneloya and a lil oceanfront restaurant called "Suyapa Beach".....order the shrimp! There is a scrimp farm accross from the restaurant and they serve the largest and best shrimp I have ever eaten. Actually it's located in Las Penitas.

After leaving SJdel Sur....visit Masaya....the the active volcanoe.....it's huge and does smell of sulfer.......very moto accessible.
If you want more ........ask me.
Have a great trip.

El Aleman - Jens 30 Nov 2006 19:48

Thanks a lot for your ideas - I want to leave right now!
Another question, should I really take Camping gear??? I love to camp - but for a 4-5 weeks trip is it worth to carry all this???

What do you think???

Any Idea about safe parking in Panama for about 10 days?

Thanks a lot - hope to see somebody on the road!


Sjoerd Bakker 30 Nov 2006 20:39

Camping in C.A.?
Since your entire trip is only 5 weeks I'd say just leave your camping gear at home , you will have more than enough luggage to haul around on the airplane flights. You will only use it as a back-up if you cannot find a hotel , which hardly ever needs to happen.
You will find lots of inexpensive places to spend the nights if you look for them al l over Central America and Mexico, prices less than what you would pay for campsites in Europe in most cases and certainly cheaper than hotels in the EU. Of course if you want the high-end type of hotels, those too exist and they will happily accept your $50-, $100 - or more for a room. Close your eyes and they all look alike =) .

markincyberspace 30 Nov 2006 22:40

Lanquin & Semuc Champey in Guatemala
There's a great little hostel in Lanquin (El Retiro), which gives a good base to the caves, river and fresh water pools. Highly reconmended!

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