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Hugo317 3 Apr 2007 03:51

Miami to Montevideo
Hi, I' m in Australia and at the end of this year I'm going to Miami,
buy a Yamaha 1300 cruiser and head to central america and down to Uruguay. Could somebody please help with the Carnet de passage (who to write to) and Colon- Cartagena how to ship your bike.
The trip will be ten to twelve weeks, anyone interested, welcome.
Thanks Hugo

strsout 4 Apr 2007 04:28

as fas as I know, you don't need carnet to south america.
I myself are planning a trip like this in couple years (yep... have to work first), but I have this close friend who is just doing the other way from Brazil-->Ushuai-->All the way up to Califonia.
I'm talking with him almost every week and he doesn't have Carnet and wasn't ask so far (he is already in Colombia, shipping his bike to Panama.)

Hugo317 4 Apr 2007 05:56

Hi, thanks, but I'm afraid you are wrong, your buddy has been very lucky,
I' m told is like a passport for your bike, and a lot of people that shipped
their bikes from Colon To Cartagena, had their share of problems, some of them had to air freight to Paraguay for not having the carnet of passage.
Europe, England en USA is not problem, South America and Africa you need it for most of the countries.
Work harder and come with us.
Regards Hugo

BCK_973 4 Apr 2007 21:23

No CARNET needed
Hi Hugo
All countrys is SA are carnet de passage free.
Do a search here,you will have the same answer.no carnet needed.
Good luck,enjoy Montevideo.

hook 4 Apr 2007 21:40

It's true fellows, the Americas don't require a carnet! The ONLY person who asked me for a carnet in SA was BCK_973 when he drove me to a doctor- he explained that without it I'd have to give him lots of USD (only semi-serious!). KH, I miss you guys- sorry I don't have some pics of our parilla...I promise I will next time. Ride safe everyone. Peace. Hook.

Hugo317 4 Apr 2007 21:57

Thanks for your comments BCK 933 and Hook.
I will keep searching

FREE SPIRIT 5 Apr 2007 21:09

Its a great trip
I am currently on a trip from Los Angeles to Uruguay. I am in Venezuela at the moment and went from Panama City to Bogota by air freight. Shipping the bike would have saved me about $250 US but it was so risky. The chances of losing way more than the difference in price made it an easy decision to fly the bike. Flying it was a reasonably easy process.

Definitely no carnet needed for South America!


brennan 6 Apr 2007 23:35

Boat from Panama to Colombia
Captain Mark at freshaircharters@yahoo.com does trips on his 40`sailboat back and forth between Portobello, Panama and Cartegena, Colombia. 525 USD dollars for you and the bike. Five day trip with two days in San Blas islands. I will use him on my return leg North.

I used this dirtbag Italian named Leonardo on my way South. Never again.

BCK_973 6 Apr 2007 23:54

Kind off topic but very southamerican,for Dave!
1 Attachment(s)
Hey men,how is africa treating you?
Hope you can eat the same quality as we do here!
Here a nice pic of our parrilla in BA.Asado is waiting for you.
Saludos hombre
Cuidate mucho
KH and the Dakar gang.....

hook 7 Apr 2007 17:50

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Thanks for the pic KH. Vamos Argentina- sin carnet! H.

Hugo317 9 Apr 2007 02:36

Hi Patrick,
Miami to Panama by road. Nobody is paying me.
It just something that i tried to do in 1974 when i was in my twenties and had to wait for my fifties. I do have to do a lot of research.
It seems to me now that 330 kgs bike Yamaha is the wrong choice, it just that i had big road bikes all my life and I don't see my self riding a BMW.
Any advice it will be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, saludos Hugo:scooter:

Livotlout 9 Apr 2007 22:18

Ground Clearance ?
Hi Hugo

Maybe the Topes in Mexico will be difficult for a Cruiser.
Sometimes they can be 12 inches tall !
Nice BBQ Karl.


Lone Rider 9 Apr 2007 23:19


Originally Posted by Livotlout (Post 132560)
Hi Hugo

Maybe the Topes in Mexico will be difficult for a Cruiser.

Most any bike can scale a tope, given proper planning. :)

The problem can come when hitting them with no, or almost no notice. This WILL happen, not an 'if'.

The table-top topes allow for some good air...

hook 10 Apr 2007 00:16

Hugo317- first (or perhaps secondly) let me say- welcome to HU! There is a ton of information available here. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Sorry Mollydog gave you some grief on one of your first posts- you'll find most of us here are still in awe at the amount info available at HU. If you have a question of ANY kind, you'll find an answer here. Stuck in Chile and not sure what to do?- find an internet cafe and ask an HU community! Feel free to hit me up anytime- if you don't know about Skype - internet calls - download Skype free now - free calls - official website let me know- travellers speak free of charge this way. By the way, Texas rocks. In fact the route from Miami to Mexico is filled with cool places to visit- some folks in California just haven't been around! Regards, Hook.

hook 10 Apr 2007 01:07

Mollydog- what can I say? You're right- about everything! (And I don't even know what you're talking about). The man asked about carnet requirements- I answered that in my first post. So what's your point? "Stuck in Chile" was a mere example, slow down Mollydog. I didn't plan to visit Rwanda and Uganda when I arrived in Africa, but I did- that's the freedom of the open road, right? I'm glad to welcome a new member to HU. Commercial interests- which one? By the way, your "initial post" was mean-spirited and nasty (please re-read and edit it). Hugo's follow-up was very kind and I was impressed by his response to your nasty answer (ROFL you said, I had to ask my teenaged nephew what that meant via skype). It was more than you deserve and I respect him for that. I don't apologize for you- you should aplogize for yourself. Have you done that before? (And you were never a SEAL- I know that). Ride safe everyone! H. By the way, the fact that it never occurred to you that Hugo would RIDE his bike to Central America speaks volumes...

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