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dan78 26 Jan 2009 04:04

mexico riding buddy
Hi Guys
My self and my girlfriend plan to leave Arizona to ride south through Mexico and Central America late Jan or early Feb. We have been traveling together for the past 7 years and seen many places. We both are 30 years old and although I have a lot of experience riding this is our first bike trip. We have no set plan or time frame just want to see as much as we can and have a lot of fun while doing it. If anyone is interested in riding with us it would be great to have you along for as little or as long as you wish. Sorry about the short notice. Anyone interested please drop us an email at stacyanddan@hotmail.com as I am not on this site all that much.
Dan and Stace

Torquemaster 26 Jan 2009 04:38

Mexico riding!
This is the first year i have not ridden in Mexico for the past five. I ride in the mountains, sand dunes, beach and highway. The only advise i can give you is don,t ride at night! Mexico is full of impaired drivers mostly at night. Don,t stop when waved down by vehicle broken down, muggings are regular close to the border at the moment. I wish the best and hope you have a great trip. I will be back down there in October until April 2010. Drop me a note if you make it then. John :welcome:

dan78 26 Jan 2009 05:44

Mexico advice
Thanks for the advice John.
The more advice the better as I have no experience with Mexico and I hear there are a lot of safety concerns, especially as I have my girlfriend with me
I don't need to be exposed to any unnecessary dangers if they can be avoided. Have you ever crossed in from Arizona if so how far should I get before stopping.
Thanks again

RickMcD 26 Jan 2009 15:59

Feb 7th Depart for two week ride!
Dan, I have been down to Mexico several times and never had any problems. Some friends and I are crossing south of Yuma (Rio Colorado) on Feb 8th and heading down to Mazatlan for a few days then across to La Paz and back up to California. This will be an "on road" trip as most of the others are on Harleys. :cool4: Let me know if you would like to join us for part of your trip or have any questions.

dan78 27 Jan 2009 07:18

Hi Rick
Thanks or the reply.
Your trip sounds great, thanks for the invitation but I think we will have to head off before then as we are just kind of hanging around at the moment killing time with nowhere really to stay. We will probably have to leave this Friday or Monday. If by chance we are still here on the 8th we would love to join you guys, so if we are, I will definitely email you and arrange to hook up. Thanks again and have a great trip.

harleydan 28 Jan 2009 06:31

mexico co
Hi Dan & Stacey
My girlfriend, Jacquie and I (also a Dan) are in Los Angeles now, heading down to cross the border at Tijuana sometime this weekend, we have ridden on a Harley we bought in Florida across the States for the last two months and are heading down to the tip of the Baja peninsula, where we will be staying with a friend of mine from home ( London ) for a while before crossing at La PAz for the mainland. We are in our 30s(me late, she mid) and both one one bile ( Harley, sorry, all on road!)
Would be good to have some company....drop me an e.mail if interested, or call 941 323 1581 -an e.mail would be better though, low on credit !
All the best
Dan & Jacquie

dan78 28 Jan 2009 19:24

Sounds gret
Hi Dan and Jacquie
Thanks for the invite, we would love to join you it sounds great.
Are you still on schedule for crossing on the weekend? We have to sort our a couple of things here in Phoenix, we could probably leave here on Sunday to meet you in Cali but that would mean we would cross into Mexico on Monday. Is that to late for you guys (if it is I will try to work something out)? Let us know your thoughts.
Talk to you soon
Dan and Stace

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