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Werner 19 Aug 2005 10:21

Mexico and Central America, summary
Having arrived in Panama City I'd like to give a brief summary of my experiences:
Timing: left Ottawa, Canada, on Aug. 1, arrived in Panama City on Aug 18, after some 6,000 miles in 17 days. Time of year not as well chosen as in 1997. Too much rain, heat, and humidity. Better then, when I left at the end of October.
Insurance: Only Belize, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica require third party liability. They dock you for it on entry. If you have your own, they don't mind, but still force you to buy theirs.
Best country to enter after Mexico is Panama. No hassles.
Biggest pain in the butt: the corrupt and inefficient borders.
Second biggest pain: the corrupt and inefficient borders.
Otherwise, no big deal, and a hell-of-a-good ride. Just watch those motorcycle-blind elderly ladies!!!
Suggested literature: My book, of course, 8 Around the Americas, still relevant (see books section). And Central American Handbook by Ben Box, the Footprint series. Much better for our purposes than the Lonely Planet, which is for backpackers.

Twintraveller 22 Aug 2005 04:26

Hi, I would like to say something to the borders for people being in fear of them: It was not so bad.

I posted ours at http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tri...rders-temp.php

and under the South American section as well. We never payed bribes, had to pay the insurance Werner mentiones. Take the right border and it works, of course that means sometimes smaller borders and more time.

Good luck and yes, it is not just old ladys and not just Central America. I was as lucky as Werner in Peru.
Watch out

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