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motoged 5 Sep 2012 06:38

Mexican Moto Rental
I want to rent a bike for a few weeks in Mexico and have only found one rental company : MEXICO MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES ; [url=http://www.mxmotoadv.com/url].

Has anyone had any experience with them or other Mexican rental companies? I am planning on traveling in the southern half of Mexico in February, 2013 and am hoping for a KLR or similar 650 with rental costs below $80/day for 10-14 day period.

Thanks for any input.


garrydymond 6 Sep 2012 02:30

I think they are your best bet. I know several people who have rented from them and all of them except one was happy. The one who was unhappy rented without a reservation and didn't get one of their better bikes. Oscar goes out of his way to help people. An American friend rented a bike in Mex City and returned it in Cancun with no extra charge.
They are basically your only real option.

markharf 6 Sep 2012 03:38

Where in Mexico? Mexico D.F., or elsewhere? There are bikes for rent elsewhere, like Cancun and San Miguel de Allende.

motoged 6 Sep 2012 04:13

I have the horrible dilemma :funmeterno: of not knowing whether I will spend several weeks in Mexico, Costa Rica or Ecudaor this coming February :funmeteryes:.....this question is part of the"narrowing down the options" ...:palm: :mchappy: :Beach:

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