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sasper 9 Dec 2010 22:25

Looking for secure temporary parking outside Mexico City (Dec 11-15)
Finally leaving Guadalajara after living here for the last 5 weeks. It's been fantastic, but I'm looking forward to exploring D.F. and getting some miles done on the bike!

I was doing some route planning and was wondering, does anyone have a spare spot for my KLR for a few days while I go to D.F.? I was hoping to park my bike outside the city and take a bus to D.F. instead of riding in. I'm going to have a passenger on my way out of D.F. and am uncomfortable riding 2-up in the city. Maybe my fear is irrational, but it just seems much easier to leave the bike outside the city if I'm not going to use it at all while I'm visiting D.F.

We are going to go to Puebla after D.F., so anyplace on the south or east of there and with easy transportation to the city would be fantastic!

Next stops, Oaxaca, San Cristobal and the Yucatan.

Please feel free to text (best), call or send me an email.

Mexico Cell (Guadalajara number): 3334541681

krazykarl 13 Dec 2010 21:20

Bike Parking
I rode into df last November, and I definitely would not do it again. The traffic, and the crazy cabbies just aren't worth the headache. And I had to park my bike on the street, which I wasn't happy about. I came back a couple days later to check on it, and somebody had picked it up (500 lb bike) and moved it on to the sidewalk so that they could park there. A pretty good effort since the tires were chained up.
A couple years ago when I went through df with a van, we just found a place outside the city by a metro line, and left our van in a parking garage. We just saw a sign that said "Parking", and the family charged a reasonable rate. The sketchy part was the metro, where my friend got pick pocketed. Watch for people crowding you as you get on the train or bus.

As for other places: Hostel Luz de Luna, in Oaxaca has space to park a bike, and the Hotel Casa del Callejon in Puebla is right near the main square, and the guy will let you park your bike there. If you have a Lonely Planet guide, it's the same place that's listed as the Hostel Santa Maria (new owner). The guy is really friendly, so I'd imagine he'd be more than happy to let you keep your bike in the courtyard for a bit. He speaks pretty good english as well.

I probably passed you on the road, because I just came from Oaxaca through to Guadalajara in the last couple days.

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