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Eriks 24 Dec 2006 23:08

Leaving the bike in Central America
Hello, I have to leave my bike somewhere in Central America for six to eight months due to work at home.
Any advice on which country where it is possible?


loner 25 Dec 2006 21:43

Hi Eric. I'm Loner, I read your post that's the reazon why I signed up for this forum, I'm also part of a motorcycle net of help for travelers and we have some friend in central america... Are your thinking in one particular country that will be great for you leave your bike in? For sure we have contacts in Panama and Mexico....
Send me a email to skiynyrd1@yahoo.com, I'll try me best to find you a place...

quastdog 25 Dec 2006 23:25

leaving the bike is easy...
....its the paperwork that'll break you.

You've got a passport stamp and temporary import permit to deal with which is by far and away the most important part of figuring out where to leave it.

No suggestions, other than ride it out.

El Aleman - Jens 26 Dec 2006 09:15

Maybe Costa Rica...
I have a friend there - he rents motorcycles, he lives there for a long time, you should ask him:

Paul Furlong

website: mototourscostarica

check it out!

Say hello from Jens(German)

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