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davidR 15 Dec 2006 03:26

leaving mexico
does anyone know if you have to pay anything for you or your bike when leaving mexico and entering belize, only I want to know if I need to hold back some pesos or can I just blow it on tacos
thanks for your help

Lone Rider 15 Dec 2006 17:06

You'll need to get your passport stamped out of Mex (Belice requirement), if it was stamped at entry. Keep you temp vehicle permit if you plan to return to Mex before it expires. Otherwise, turn it in too. There's no fee for leaving Mex.

Sjoerd Bakker 15 Dec 2006 18:39

leaving Mexico for Belize
There is no fee for leaving Mexico , but if you are on a one-way trip and not planning to return to Mexico even during the vaildity period of your tourist card and import papers there are a few points to think of.
If at the start of your Mexico leg your credit card was refused ,(or had no card) for payment of the tourist tax you did have to post a bond, up to $400 depending on age of vehicle. You must now get your vehicle delisted from the Banjercito imported status so that you can collect back the bond money.
If you do plan to return, but at a time after your permits expire also get processed out and upon later return you can process in again and pay the fees anew.
If a planned return date falls within the period the permits and tourist card are valid , just get a stamp for exit in your passport but leave the tourist card and import papers alone, they will be accepted when you re-enter Mexico.At that time all you need to do is get another stamp in your passport.If you paid a bond to enter you will forfeit that money if you should fail to get back before the permits expire.
When entering Mexico from the USA DO NOT tell them it is only a transit to another country or you will be given a different set of rules and fees and a time limit to make the transit.
Belize does not charge anything to enter but there is a $20 tourist tax to EXIT.

dlmurre 18 Dec 2006 12:11

I don't know if this still applies, but 3 years ago they made me buy a "doble entrada permit" when leaving mexico. Kept my sticker and all, just made me buy another $10(I think?) piece of paper to get my passport stamped. - Dan

dmotorider 18 Dec 2006 23:40

I just crossed from Mexico into Belize 3 weeks ago and confirm the info provided by SD is correct.

ShaunR 22 May 2007 02:23

Buying a motorcycle in Acapulco
I recently got sick of sailing after 2,500 miles and jumped ship in Acapulco. I can't decide whether to buy a bike and ride home or just fly back and actually plan and pack correctly for the trip later (I met DavidR while waiting for transit through the Panama Canal who inspired me with the idea - David, let me know how your sailing went to Columbia and if your bike stayed dry!).

Can anyone provide any advice as to any regulations or other considerations with buying a motorcycle in Mexico and importing to the States? Are there import taxes or other considerations?

I have a couple XRs (650R/400) at home and think I'd get something more like a street bike (just thinking of driving through Arizona and Utah on an XR sort of hurts my butt).

Thanx in advance for all your expert feedback!

ShaunR 22 May 2007 15:55

Thnx for the reply, MD. Of course your implication is right: why not go home, output the bike correctly, collect some riders to come along, and enjoy the trip more? It's just the spontaneity thing - i'm here, what's the most memorable thing to do?

I'm working on checking local bike prices, and won't be surprised to find you're right about those...it could certainly simplify my choice. I found this page with useful info about importing vehicles: Importing Your Car into the US - Import a Car, Bring a Car, Import Your Car, US Customs

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