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jv3 14 Dec 2005 23:07

I Need Tires In Puerto Vallarta Mexico..who?
I was wondering if someone can give me a realiable company name/ e-mail or number who I can buy some tires for my R1200GS BMW in Puerto Vallarta...Or hopefuly this guy has the know how to search the town for some etc.

150/70/R17 Rear
110/80R/19 Front

Thanks for any info...adios...John.

garrydymond 14 Dec 2005 23:59

Try calling SportCycle 01-722-276-1442. They are located in Lerma, just outside of Mexico City. They should be able to ship them to you in Puerto Vallarta. I saw a set of tires in a BMW dealers here in Mex City and they cost about 250dlls each. If you don't have any luck drop me an e-mail.


MoroCycler 15 Dec 2005 01:34

It will not be easy to find those tyres in P.V.
The closest you can get to find them is Guadalajara. It is 3 or 4 hours away.
They can send them via DHL to any spot in P.V. Or by any other carrier.

Contact Jose Luis Plasencia he is one of the best and cheap providers, also a motorcyclist and good friend.

He owns a small moto-accesory store: Motorrad, Plaza Bonita.

Tell him you are a friend of Humberto Moro┬┤s and he will treat you better.
His phones are (In guadalajara)

333-915-9338 Work
333-915-9340 Work
333-140-5694 cell ph.

Good Luck


garrydymond 15 Dec 2005 06:53

I checked at Motohaus 01-55-5338-3620 and they have Avon Distanzias in stock the front is $1,600 plus 15%Tax and the rear is $2,439 plus 15% tax. They can ship to Puerto Vallarta and will quote you the total price if you call them. The guy I spoke to is Erick Romero and I think he speaks reasonably good English.

I have a feeling that the place Humberto told you about will be cheaper and shipping should be cheaper too.

Good luck. Ivonne and I have some pics of you in Batopilas Do you want us to send them to you?

jv3 16 Dec 2005 05:16

Thanks guys for all for the information.

Garry, yes please do send me those pictures to my hotmail if you dont mind.

I was at a Honda dealer and he has a tire which is very close in size...I will decide tomorrow.


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mollydog 21 Dec 2005 10:32

Keep in mind if you have those sizes you can cheat quite a bit on sizes if you just need to get home.

On both of my Tigers and my Vstrom
I have had occasion to run non stock size street tiresin the rear. IE you can run any 140, 150 or 160 section rear street tire. I know that Honda dealer in PV, he must have a 160 touring or sport touring tire around? No? Probably at some outrageous price.

(man, is the mexican peso due for a crash or what!!)

Anyway. That should get the rear done.
The front is much tougher to locate I would imagine outside a major city.

Unless you've been in Mexico for over 10,000 miles you shoudn't be needing a front unless you left home on a used tire. (!!!!!)

Is your battery shot too? ;-)

Guadalajara is your best bet. Shop around. I'd go for a nice 160 section rear
touring tire and be done. The bike won't even handle that bad. Trust me. ;-)

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Sjoerd Bakker 21 Dec 2005 22:44

Gary Dymond quotes some tire prices and forgot to change the $ sign to Pesos. At least I hope so!! This knocks them down to around 150 and 244 US dollars. ,pricy, yes ,but not out of line with what the supposedly top line tires cost up in anglo-land at the fancy dealerships, plus installation,balance,tax.The trick is to keep an eye on your tire wear and head to one of the larger centers before you are in desperate need . Guadalajara,Cd.Mexico and Monterrey are the surest bets for immediately finding what you want because they have the national h.q. of most of the parts-,tires-, and motorcycle importers. Do check out availability of tires and other parts at any of the ubiquitous Tiendas de repuestos y motopartes, i.e. private motorcycle parts and accesory shops, as well as the branded dealerships. If you are in a bind they can order in any tire you need and you can enjoy the wait of one or two days by exploring the local area or be a pedestrian in town .Last year the battery on my KLR died in Colima and none of the dealers had the correct one , but the Kawasaki shop put me in contact with such a parts store which did have it in stock. The Kaw shop put it on the charger overnight for free , great people.If my tires upon leaving home appear to have enough life left in them to do even half the trip I do not bother changing them , I have never been disappointed trying to find replacements en route in Mexico or Central America or USA.

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