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k dog 15 Feb 2010 01:10

Leaving a bike in Mexico for a week or so
Hi Everyone,

I am am riding a GS1150 ADV down to South America. I will be entering Mexico (mainland) via the USA in the middle of March. I am a Canadian and I have to fly back to Canada for a week or so in the middle of June. I know that I will be still in Mexico in the middle of June so I am going to have to store the bike somewhere. Is there going to be any problems with me leaving Mexico with out the bike? IE: Is my passport stamped indicating that I brought a vehicle into the country? Do I have to leave the counrty with the bike or face heavy fines/penlties/duty? How sticky are the officials? I will have a return ticket. I will be south of Senora state when I have to fly home for a week.

K Dog

msg996 15 Feb 2010 22:08

You'll have no problems at all, I did the same thing twice back in'06. When you import the bike they will give you 6 months, if they don't just ask for it. The difference in the passport stamps is just that your "Entrada" stamp will have a tiny car symbol on it indicating you drove in, and your "Salida" stamp will have a tiny airplane symbol on it. People do this all the time and have no issues, just be sure to bring the bikes import paper/sticker back to Mexico with you when you return so you'll be able to properly clear the bike out when crossing into Guatemala.
Enjoy the ride, I've previously done Central America, and am currently in Peru, I can tell you border crossings down here in S.A. are much more organized than in C.A.

garrydymond 17 Feb 2010 05:13

"If you need somewhere to store your bike you can leave it at my place
in Mex City. I will meet you outside the ciy and guide you in. If we
feel really nice we will take you to the airport and pick you up when
you come back.
Safe travels

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