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pierresas 4 May 2005 09:38

How to avoid police road blocks in Mexico
Police road blocks can be quite a drag in Mexico and after experimenting with different methods, we finally found the way to skim through them in seconds. The main rule is: the more you talk, the more likely you are to get searched.

When the cop asks "Hablas espanol?", just say with much hesitation "poco poco". If he asks "De donde vienes? Y donde vas?", point the map on your tank bag and say "Aqui... Ahi...". But these should be the only words of Spanish you know!!! To any other question or request, pull out your passport and the Mexican import permit for your motorcycle. If the question is repeated, and whatever it is, open your passport and permit and hold them insistingly for the cop to read. Do not answer to anything else, except if the guy asks you in an unequivocal sign language that he wants you to turn off your engine and step out, which is very unlikely to happen.

Really... if you say anything else, the guys (who are bored like hell on their road blocks) will ask you inevitably "Que hay aqui? Y ahi?" pointing at your bags and they will ask you to open everything while asking questions like "How many liters in your tanks? What's the cc? What's the horsepower? Do you know how to repair a tire?" etc... and they will go through all the wonders that you are carrying in your suitcases.

We felt sometimes a little bit sad playing it like that because it gives them the feeling that we are a couple of gringos who don't care about the country and don't learn a single word of its language, but we were really tired of being pulled over and searched every single time just because we were too nice!

Espero que esto te ayude,
Pierre (& Merritt too)

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