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AnderZen 28 Jun 2006 11:50

Honduras - where are the nice roads and places?
I've decided to take a look at Centralamerica next month.

I have 2 weeks in Honduras on a Yamaha XT 600. I will try to seek out scenic country roads, nature and tranquil relaxing towns. I wil start and end in La Ceiba.

So any tips on good motorcycle roads and spots in Honduras will be much appreciated!

Mike Stone 29 Jun 2006 02:20

You are gonna have a blast! This is a pretty big country (not like Canada/USA/Mexico, but pretty big nonetheless), so I am just going to give you a few high points.

The road between La Entrada and Copan Ruinas is beautiful, twisty, and well maintained. I don't think the ruins at Copan hold a candle to Tikal, Chichen Itza, Edzna, etc., but the town of Copan Ruinas is neat. A little touristy but not overly so, and excellent restaurants and services.

The various routes into La Esperanza are spectacular. This town is at a 5600' elevation so it gets pretty cool, also there is an excellent market here.

The Nueva Esparanza/Cololaco/Candlario/Mapulaca/La Virtud/Gualcince route is fantastic. There is a good hotel in Nueva Esparanza, be sure to check out the photo of the town in 1934, with only the church standing (earthquake?). 14 mile climb out of Nueva Esparanza on the way to Cololaco, I did it on a bicycle one time. In Gualcince there is a scenic view near the church. Some of these routes are jeep trail, be sure to have heavy duty tubes!

Riding from La Paz into Tegucigalpa is spectacular, you climb over two 4000' peaks and then you see the city in a bowl down below. One time I stopped to take a picture, there was a house where I stopped and they were hand laying fiberglass motorcycle helmets in the garage! In Tegucigalpa, be sure to walk through the markets on Avenida 6e in Comayaguela. Now you are in the REAL world. Also walk up to Parque La Leona for an excellent view.

La Paz-Marcala road - awesome twisty mountain road.

The road between El Progresso and Yoro, seven years after Hurricane Mitch, is still not all repaired, with bridges out and mud sections. No problem on your XT, though. Yoro/Sulaco/Cedros/Talanga is a good route with some dirt roads and jeep trails.

Talanga is the wild wild west: dirt streets and good natured people. The streets were supposed to get paved, and they are working on the drains, but the official who was holding the town's money, to be matched with federal money, seems to have disappeared. The main hotel in town is new but rustic. Laura, who moved there from Spain, is the owner and very helpful and used to motorcycle travellers (including myself). There is an e-mail cafe here, too.

I have property about ten miles out of Talanga, where I am building a house as well as an off-road riding area on 1600 acres. I am going to be heading back down from Connecticut mid-July. If you see a white Chevy Silverado with Montana plates... If you want, I can give you my e-mail address, I have satellite internet service on the property. If you have mechanical problems I can help out, although I won't have my full scale workshop ready for another year.

This is an awesome country. When you walk down the street, everyone says "buenas" or "hola," and they don't bleep out words on the radio stations. And there is no speed enforcement. And the girls...

AnderZen 2 Jul 2006 22:06

Thanks for the detailed info and advice Mike!! I will be looking much forward to check it out.

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