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groovyd 2 Feb 2008 02:38

Guadalajara to Durango
A friend of mine is headed to Durango, mexico for a wedding and his plane lands in Guadalajara, mexico. He needs to know how much cost a local return flight between guadalajara and durango, and alternately how much would a bus cost and how many hours is the bus trip?

If anyone has access to this local info, please email me at daryl@groovydomain.com... Thanks in advance!

Sjoerd Bakker 2 Feb 2008 17:56

Guadalajara to Durango by bus
Check out site .: Bienvenidos al Grupo ADO :. one of the major bus companies in Mexico and you should be able to find routes and current rates. May even be able to get links to other bus lines . Same tactics can get you info on air line routes etc. As Grant says - Look and you will find

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