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Panny 26 Mar 2012 04:07

GPS-treasure in Copper Canion (Mexico)
In 2010 I´ve hidden a „treasure“ for my best buddy in the copper canion (Barranca del Cobre) in Mexico.

Unfortunatelly he was not able to get it.
So I thought I post it here.
No guaranty, that it still exist, since the place, where I have hidden it, is a bit tricky.

For those, who want to go for it:

N27°01.573 W107°44.374
That´s the entrance to a silver mine.
See foto:

It´s not allowed to enter on your own.
Unfortunatelly the treasure is IN the mine:-)
So if you really want it: go in. And forget your gps. It can´t help you there.
You need the following instructions AND pictures!

Attention: After 10 meters there´s a deep hole (150 meter!)! Some stupid guys fell into it. Because of that entry, to the mine is forbitten.
After 150 meter there are two small tunnels going off to the right. Don´t take them. I just mention them for orientation.
Short after that a bigger one is going off to the right, too. Take this one!


Be careful. There´s another water filled hole.
After 15 meters there´s a pile of earth/stone (see picture:)



on the right site of the pile I burried the „treasure“ under a few bigger stones with a bit of earth on it. I´ve put an old iron on it to for marking.
You don´t have to dig deep.

If the „treasure“ is still there:
a) please let me know, since I´m curious about it
b) place something instead, if you like. Something that might be usefull for a motorcycle traveller.

Good luck & have fun!

Greetings from New Zealand


Nttra 10 May 2012 10:58

so.. no one claimed the treasure yet? Wil I have to do it by myself? :D

MAXVERT 10 May 2012 17:01

Missed It.
I was close to there this winter but didn't see this until today.

Adventure caches, in interesting places around the World,
sounds like a fun game to play.

Maybe I'll leave something somewhere in S.A. this Winter.


Quandary 10 May 2012 21:57

Burried Treasure
Hey Max, if you are interested in burried treasure around the world take a look at this site www.geocaching.com/ It does exactly that is is great fun while touring around.


Panny 11 May 2012 07:17


Originally Posted by Nttra (Post 378526)
so.. no one claimed the treasure yet? Wil I have to do it by myself? :D

As far as I know, still nobody took it.
Go for it and tell me if you found it and could use it! :-)

Greetings from New Zealand


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