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evilgruffalo 29 May 2008 18:57

Good, Honest, Bike mechanic in Acapulco?
Hi can anyone Recommend a decent Bike mechanic/ Bike shop in Acapulco or surrounding area? Or can anyone in the area loan me an Oil pan and a patch of ground to change the oil on 2 bikes?. Is there a bike breaker in the area and if so what's the chances of finding parts for a large sport tourer ( none I would guess)
Any info is good info

quastdog 29 May 2008 20:38

If you just need to change oil, go to one of local oil-change places. Throughout Central/South America, these places always let me use their drain pans and a 24mm wrench/socket to remove the drain bolt - and never charged me anything. You and your bike being an oddity for them was enough compensation I suppose.

Of course, don't insult them by buying oil somewhere else and expecting to change it when they sell equivalent motorcycle oil. If they don't sell mc oil, then no problem.

If you need something else....well, can't help you there.

evilgruffalo 30 May 2008 18:24

Thanks I'll go check them out, Don't suppose you know where I can get a rear wheel for a bandit 1200 as I've just dented mine due to a combination of heavy luggage, large pot hole and (naughty naughty) high speed, just when you think the road surface is pristine it'll throw something at you!

garrydymond 30 May 2008 23:21

Don't know where you can get a wheel but i do know a couple of shops that can fix dented rims. They are both in Mex City but you may be able to find someone in another large city. Good luck

evilgruffalo 5 Jun 2008 00:12

Hmm dented would be OK, being able to see right through is a bit more serious me thinks! Not to worry though the trusty JB Weld has saved the day once more! I set the wife to it (she has more patience than me) and the crack is sealed, the dent is now packed out and all is well (the pressure has held steady for 5 days!) so we are rolling once more and I have stopped panicking like a small girl. hopefully it will last until we are back in the states and 2nd hand spares are plentiful!

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