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Werner 6 Oct 2005 04:11

Flooding in Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico
I'm stuck in Esquintla, Guatemala. Was blocked in by a huge landslide this morning that took three hours by dozens of guys to be cleared. Road is flooded axle deep in many places. Bridges washed out. I am advised to stay put a couple of days, because Tapachula, Mexico, is cut off. Nevermind. I'll try a different route. Perhaps Quetzaltenango and Mesilla are open. What would I do if I were caught for days between two landslides without a beer? Scary thought.

Carrera 6 Oct 2005 06:51

Dear Werner:

The storm is still going on. It might rain for another 24 hours. The worst damage in Guatemala has been in the "Costa Sur" (southern lowlands), which is the nearest to Tapachula. That road is defenetly not an option. Right now 5:40PM in Guatemala City it is still very cloudy and wet, but the rain has stopped. To ride through the highlnads to La Mesilla might be the best option, but you would have to wait at least 2 days for the landslides to get cleared. I understand there are more than 200 landslides all over the country. Try to ride to Antigua, at least you would be in a fun place. Though the volcanos it is a 40Km ride. Escuintla is not precisly a tourist destination. Several bikers came today from El Salvador. I hear they are staying in Guatemala City overnight, since they cannot get back. If you need anything for your bike, Guatemala City is your best bet between here and the US. You can call me at my cel 5306 3220

mattmexico 6 Oct 2005 10:08

Sattelite picture shows more rain coming, here in Yucatan 10 more days with 40% chance of rain. Hurricane is down to tropical storm.


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