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brclarke 11 May 2006 23:43

Finding riding gear in southern Mexico?
Anyone else out there live in Mexico?

One problem I'm finding is getting my hands on some decent motorcycling gear. I've got an old helmet and pair of ratty old gloves, and that's it. I'd like to pick up a vented jacket that's decent for hot weather riding, a newer helmet, better gloves, and I'd especially like to get some decent luggage.

The trouble is that it's impossible to find any locally. When I went into the local Honda place and asked to buy a replacement visor for my helmet, the staff looked at me like I was from Mars: virtually no one here wears a helmet, so why would they stock something that no one ever asks for?

I'm wondering if there's any place in Mexico that does mail order for motorcycling gear? To order anything from the States is ridiculous: I found a jacket I liked online for $100 US - but the company wants an additional $150 US to cover shipping and duty to Mexico!

I think my only solution is to wait for a long weekend, ride for 8 hours up to Oaxaca City, and see what I can find there!

garrydymond 12 May 2006 05:12


I live in Mex City but rarely buy anything here for the same reason. I take a trip to the states and justify it by saying I can't tyres, chain jackets gloves etc here. You might check out cycle gear's site they are near Toluca and can probably ship. Also contact Humberto Moro through the Guadalajara community he may know people that can get you stuff. I don't think you will find much in Oaxaca City. Good luck

MoroCycler 15 May 2006 01:42

Here in Guadalajara we can get nice Motorcycle riding gear at reasonable prices.
I have a friend that has a good shop, he will for shure have something for you.
Then he can put it via DHL so you can have it in a couple of days.

Call him or send him an e-mail:

Jose Luis Plasencia
Motorrad (store)

Good Luck, Nice trip
Humberto Moro

brclarke 15 May 2006 20:53

Thanks. I looked at his site and he looks like he has quite a lot of gear in stock.

I tried writing an email both directly to the address you gave and to the store's 'ventas' address a couple of days ago, but have heard nothing yet.

brclarke 19 May 2006 13:53

Anyone out there ever buy stuff from the US by mail order? Is there a company you can recommend?

MoroCycler 20 May 2006 02:50

Customs tramits are sometimes huge and expensive. It will cost you betweem 25 and 50% from the original price of the merchandise.
And shipping should be done via DHL, it is expensive.

Humberto Moro

brclarke 4 Jun 2006 02:49

I ordered something called a C3 jacket from a company called Marton Racing that makes motorcycle gear in Mexico City. www.marton.com.mx
They shipped the jacket by Multipack the day after I wired money to them. The cost was 1650 pesos - about $150 US. It's a decent nylon jacket with some armour in the forearms, elbows and shoulders.

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