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JGBYJ 16 Feb 2011 18:29

Exploring CA instead of riding further south?
With all the costs involved, I'm starting to reconsider riding all the way to Argentina, I would like to do it, but for the cost of shipping back, I could ride through every country in CA, and home again.
With the bike I've got, I'm ideal suited to pavement and gravel, mountains, desert and long days are no problem, but mud and narrow trails are a bit due to weight(without bags, but full of gas the CX is over 500lbs.)
I can use just about any quality of water, and function without outside repairs etc, I'm well kitted out for that, but just not for the kinds of trails where a light dirt bike is better.

I am given to understand that SA might provide more of that, so it might be worth it all, I'm not really sure what to do.
I don't have the time to ride all the way to Argentina and return anymore.

Bonedust68 14 Mar 2011 01:56

sounds like you answered your own question?
Hi Jeremy,

Sorry to hear you have less time than you want or need. I hate that everything has a limit. But a motivator like time, sometimes is a pain to deal with. Mine is money, but who's isn't? Maybe you can enjoy your journey just as it unfolds, then when you get to the crossroads and point of no return (aka Panama) you can make a decision then to cross or not, that way you won't regret that last bit in Central America, taking your time enjoying yourself without regret. Afterall you can always come back another time, maybe even 20 years and revisit. Anyway keep your rubber down, and your ride free of trouble, or at least the kind you didn't invite.


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