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greenthumb 22 Jan 2010 06:44

Corrupt Police in Acapulco
Hwy 200, south end of town, 'going up the big hill'.

Had a run today with the Acapulco traffic police. Specifically the one on a motorcycle.
They appear to be targeting foreigners on motorcycles. Saw several others pulled over.
It appears to be organized amongst several of them and they (he) was very aggressive.

Threats to the tune of vehicle towing, impounding, 3 days jail time and 10,000 pesos fine for minor traffic violations.
He produced a laminated list of fines with ridiculous amounts, and then gave me the on the spot, 'go free' option. 6,000 pesos. HA!
Since he had copies of my license, we 'went to the ATM', thinking I could make dash, but with that part of town, there was no escape. The municipal police officer near the bank would not help or get involved.
I ended doing the payoff (but for a fraction of what he wanted). He then basically told me to leave town and 'secretly' followed me out.
I was pissed.
I turned around and found my way to his police station. On the way back, he had another foreign rider on an adventure bike pulled over.
I explained my story at the police station and eventually met with several very official looking men. They appeared to take this matter very seriously and wanted to know exactly who it was. I was told the officer would be arrested.
We then went around back of the station and I identified his bike. Shortly after I was handed back the same wad of cash I had parted with about an hour ago! I was ecstatic to say the least.

Heres the only strange part. I had begun to fill out a report, but before I could finish it they had me write "I have no problems with the Acapulco traffic police" and sign it. So either the whole station and department is corrupt or this particular officer has special privileges. Either way, I was only out a few pesos of fuel and a couple hours of my time. We did the whole cop admires and sits on my bike thing, and I hit the road singing " I fought the law, and I won" in my head.:clap:

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