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garrydymond 17 Apr 2006 03:06

Camping in Mexico
I have noticed that a lot of you want to camp in Mexico but can't find or don`t know where there are campsites. we just spent 4 nights in San Miguel de Allende and it cost $140 pesos a night for 2 people. The camp site is called La Siesta and is a Hotel/Trailer Park it is very close to Downtown on the Libramento a Celaya.

The place has hot showers, a restaurant and a swimming pool.

If you want to find places to camp try a search Mexico Trailer Parks Camping and you should find lots of options. RV parks in Mexico are normally called Trailer Parks and a llot of them will let you put up a tent.

Hope this helps.

Thelostredneck 17 Apr 2006 08:37

yes camping
There is even a Trailer park right in the middle of Acapulco which is very cheap. I forget the name though. We stayed there in a tent, with our own shower(cold) and toilet on Ney Years eve.


nickc 17 Apr 2006 22:38

Camping at Chichen Itza
Good camping at Piramda Inn in Piste. 80 pesos for 2 in a tent on grass, book exchange, covered lit areas for cooking etc and with use of a swimming pool...lovely.

dlmurre 19 Apr 2006 04:42

camping book
This is a pretty good camping book, but geared more towards the RVer's

dunkee 7 May 2006 22:48

i enjoyed camping on the beaches in mexico, and it's free. ask the locals and use common sense. if possible, find someone else who is also camping and become their friend. in a larger place, like tampico, you can make friends with the cops who patrol the beaches. if you can't find a spot that feels reasonably safe, find a cheap hotel.

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